The Right Time to Sell Gold

Gold has been a valued commodity for millennia. Archeologists believe Gold was first used as currency approximately 7,000 years ago. This long history helps us understand the enduring value of Gold. Your Gold holdings are a form of tangible wealth that would be as recognizable to an Egyptian in 3000 BC or a Norman soldier in 1066 as they are to us today.

Security of Owning Physical Gold

Part of the point of holding tangible Gold is security. Your physical Gold represents liquidity in an emergency as well as a long-term growth opportunity to enrich your family. You may wonder, what is the right course of action when or if you need or want to sell some of your Gold? To whom can you sell? How do you know it’s the right time to sell?

APMEX is here to help. We have a competitive buying program and an excellent customer service record. However, we are also committed to helping you make the best investment decisions for your needs. Selling at the right moment is an important part of maximizing your Gold investment, and we at APMEX want to assist you.

Liquidate my Precious Metals Online

If you or your family is facing an emergency, the immediate liquidity of Gold can be a comfort. What we are here to discuss, though, is making the decision to sell part of your Gold holdings outside of an emergency situation. What are you looking for in the market? How do you time a sale properly? Something to consider is that while a quick spike of the Gold market may make a sale tempting, day-trading Gold is not a good strategy for building real wealth. Naturally, you want to realize the highest possible profit, but a big surge is volatile and periods of volatility are best ridden out from afar.

Good times to SELL GOLD are when you:

  • Have a specific plan for the cash you will realize, such as a down payment on a home.
  • Are physically outgrowing your storage. Serious collectors or investors may need to trim their holdings to fit their space, as proper stewardship of Gold can in itself be an expense.
  • Need to bring your Gold holdings to a specific number of items or ounces for the purposes of estate planning or similar.

When you are serious about selling some of your Gold, watch the spot price for a gentle upward trend that shows growth, but not volatility. On an upward swell, you may want to consider selling. Selling to APMEX is as easy as setting up a free online account and then calling us at (800) 375-9006. We look forward to assisting you.

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