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Top 5 Facts About Gold

Gold has been a fixture in human life and commerce since the element was discovered in ancient times. The unique characteristics of Gold have become synonymous with human power, status and wealth. While many of these aesthetic and commercial characteristics are obvious to most, the origins, capacity and usage of Gold aren’t as well known.

Facts about Gold

Here are 5 interesting facts about Gold.

5. Gold arrived on our planet through ancient meteor showers

5 facts about gold


Although we praise Gold as one of our planet’s most precious metal elements, it is in fact a foreign substance. Scientists believe that about 3 billion years ago, Gold landed on Earth via a series of meteor strikes.

4. In every one ton of smartphones, there exists 10 oz of Gold

two smartphones in hands


If you do not consider yourself a Gold consumer, think again. In approximately every 10,000 smartphones there are 10 oz of Gold (approximately 3/5 lb). Copper and Silver are typically used in these units, but each Precious Metal has drawbacks in speed and durability, respectively. In recent phone models, Gold, which serves as a happy medium in speed and durability factors, is being used to optimize efficiency by cell phone providers.

3. Earth’s oceans could contain up to 20 million tons of Gold



One of the most daunting facts about Gold metal is the estimated presence of the element in our ocean depths. Having only explored 5% of these depths, it is hard to confirm or deny the amount of un-found Gold metal. This natural Gold reserve could be extremely valuable metal to the future of our race. Although deep-sea drilling and exploration technology is consistently improving, the sea levels are also rising at a rapid pace. Will we ever be able to access these sunken Gold treasures?

2. The largest collection of Gold in the world is in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

gold facts


The fortress known as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York keeps around $150 billion worth of Gold within its vaults, which are located 80 feet below street level and 50 feet below sea level. To elaborate, there are more than 550,000 beautiful Gold bars buried deep in lower Manhattan. Around 98% of the Gold held in the Federal Reserve is foreign owned.

1. The California Gold Rush (1848-1855) was the largest mass migration in American History

gold rush miners


Facts about the Gold rush are often overlooked. In January of 1848 when James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill first found Gold, more than 300,000 people expanded westward to California in the matter of a few years. Previously, the population of the entire territory was half of that. Although the Gold Rush of 1849 was not the first such a migration, it was certainly the most impactful. Many ended up rich while many more did not. Cities like San Francisco were developed from the economic and social benefits of the migration. The fact that Gold was the cause of such a great expansion is a testament to the timeless and powerful value of such an element.

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