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Whether you are a new or experienced Precious Metals investor, you can find the information you need in the articles below. There is a wide range of topics on Precious Metals that you will find useful to either help you with your strategy plan or see the value of your portfolio.  Learn how to buy Gold coins and Silver from online dealers, know the differences between Platinum and Palladium, and examine what a Gold and Silver ETF are. There is no shortage of information available to you here.

Your purchasing power is important in order to grow the value of your investment portfolio. Silver and Gold buyers alike can benefit from the information here. These articles go beyond facts and numbers. Investing and coin collecting is a worthwhile pursuit, but you must be armed with accurate information in order to make the best purchasing decision.

APMEX offers a wide variety of products from to choose. Armed with the right information, you can make the selection that best fits your buying strategy.


Gold and Silver Exchange Traded Funds
Gold vs Silver Investing
Gold & Silver Bullion Value
Graded Coins and Certified Coins - NGC & PCGS


How is Gold Mined?
How Do I Clean My Precious Metals?
How Much Gold and Silver Should I Own?
How Much Should I Invest in Precious Metals?
How is the Silver Spot Price set?
How to Buy Gold and Silver at Spot Price
Historic Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Palladium Price Chart Spikes


Platinum vs Palladium
Proof Coins vs. Uncirculated Coins
Precious Metals vs. Stocks
Poured vs Pressed Silver Bars and Gold Bars
Precious Metals Investments


Silver Metal Demand
Silver and Gold Housing Ratio
Silver Coins Prices & Premiums Online
Spot Gold Price Explained
Spot Silver Price Explained
Supply and Demand of Precious Metals


What is Sterling Silver?
What is A Troy Ounce?
What is Considered Fine Silver?
What is Considered Fine Gold?
What is Backwardation and Contango?
What Gold & Silver Coins Should I Buy?

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