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Our Daily Gold & Silver
Market Reports

Gold Sees Lift Surrounded by Brexit Turbulence

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/16/2018 Brexit uncertainty is a boost for Gold prices. Silver oversold during long-term bear market. Palladium nearing price parity with Gold. The price of Gold saw increased traction Friday morning as many investors moved away from risky investments on continued Brexit turbulence. On Thursday, U.K. Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigned, leading to further concern over Prime Minister Theres... Read More


Gold sees continued challenges. Silver down as trade tensions fuel 2019 concerns. Demand for bullion by central banks grows in Q3. Investment by central banks in Gold coins and bars has been on the rise in 2018 and this trend continued during the third quarter. Coin World cited numbers from the World Gold Council that indicate global de... Read More

Price of Gold Declines as Dollar Strength Mounts

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/12/2018 Gold prices fall for the third-consecutive session. Silver, Platinum and Palladium all see declines in spot prices. U.S. inflation data to be released Wednesday. Gold spot prices fell again Monday morning for the third-consecutive session. While they are certainly still up from the lows seen in August, the yellow metal is down 8 percent for 2018. The Read More

Precious Metals Aim for Biggest Weekly Fall Since August

Precious Metals prices take a hit following Federal Reserve meeting. U.S. dollar gains momentum as Brexit worries loom. Mid-term elections could mean a win for Bitcoin. After news that the U.S. Federal Reserve would deliver another interest rate hike in December, the U.S. dollar rose and Precious Metals took a hit. Gold prices today were at $1,213.30 per ounce as of 10:10 a.m.  (ET), w... Read More

Spot Gold Sees Gains After U.S. Elections

Gold prices climb following U.S. mid-term elections. Palladium spot price sees major Wednesday morning gains. U,S. Dollar index down amid new market uncertainty. Wednesday morning, investors sought a safe haven in Gold to hedge against market volatility surrounding mid-term elections in the United States. This movement gave Gold prices a significant boost, reaching $1,230.90 per ounce as of 9:50 a.m. (ET). December Gold ... Read More

Gold Price Steady as Mid-Term Elections Approach

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/5/2018 Price of Gold steady ahead of U.S. elections. Federal Reserve meeting mid-week could also impact the market. Producing Bitcoin requires more energy than mining Precious Metals. As analysts look toward mid-term election results this week, Gold prices showed little change Monday morning. As of 11:45 a.m. (ET), the spot price of Gold was $1,232.50 per ounce. Voters will decide several ke... Read More

Strong Jobs Report Challenges Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/2/2018 Gold prices dip amid strong U.S. job growth. Central bank purchases of Gold still rising. Platinum trades at the highest range since September. Friday morning, Gold futures showed small declines after a surprisingly strong October jobs report. Economists predicted a strong jobs report would pressure Gold by supporting the assumption that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates a... Read More

Silver Bullion Transfers for September Increase

The London Bullion Market Association, whose membership includes a number of key central banks and financial institutions, recently announced data for September 2018. As cited by an article for Coin World, Silver bullion transfers increased 20.6 percent compared to the previous month. Gold transfers were at the same level as August, seeing no significant flu... Read More

Gold Reserves at Central Banks Likely to Keep Growing

Many central banks around the world have increased their Gold reserves in 2018, a trend that is likely to continue. Earlier this year, Poland and Hungary, two of the biggest economies in eastern Europe, made atypical Gold acquisitions. An article published by Bloomberg observed these purchases&nbs... Read More

Dollar Volatility Pressures Gold to Silver Ratio

Market volatility drives Gold prices up. Pressures on Gold to Silver ratio could mean a rally for Silver. Interest grows for classic Gold coins as bullion investments. Recent instability in the stock market along with U.S. dollar volatility could signal a rally for Silver. As Gold prices rise, and general uncertainty about global trade continues, the Gold to Silver ratio is under significant pressure, which is edging the price of Silver up. Becaus... Read More

Silver Prices Don't Quite Outperform Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/24/2018 Even with geopolitical events supporting Gold, Silver has yet to outperform the yellow metal. That is rather unusual, but there is more than meets the eye. "The Silver price also incorporates a less 'speculative' component than Gold. It benefits from considerable industrial demand," (Lombardi Letter). The relationship between Gol... Read More

Geopolitics in Focus After Gold Sees Third Week of Gains

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/22/2018 Gold readies for a fourth-straight week of gains. Developing countries turn to Gold as a safe haven. Blockchain may soon be key to Precious Metals authentication. Following three weeks of gains for Gold spot prices, market analysts will keep a sharp eye on the geopolitical climate and equity markets during the coming week. Several significant announcements are expected this week that... Read More

Fed Officials Uncertain On Economy, Interest Rate Hikes Will Continue

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/19/2018 Spot prices for Gold see a lift in early Friday trading. Minutes for September Federal Reserve meeting reflect uncertainty. Platinum miners increase chrome production to offset waning profits. On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Reserve released their September meeting minutes after a three-week delay. Precious Metals investors look to these minutes as critical information for forecasting... Read More

Gold Prices Stay Near Multi-Month Highs

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/17/2018 Gold holds stable near recent high levels. The bullish Gold market could signal new hope for Silver. Despite Bitcoin price correction, more volatility ahead. The price of Gold stayed relatively unchanged Wednesday morning. Comex Gold futures were up 50 cents at 9:05 a.m. (ET), incredibly close to a recent high mark of $1,236.9... Read More

Gold Gains 1 Percent as Investors Seek Safe Haven

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/15/2018 Price of Gold reaches highest levels since July. European stocks hit a 22-month low. Rising Gold prices give a boost to Canadian mining stocks. The price of Gold increased by more than 1 percent during international trading Monday, reaching the highest level in approximately 2 1/2 months. Investors seem to be seeking safety in the Precious Metal as global markets suffer from feuds be... Read More

Bullish Market for Silver on Thursday

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/12/2018 Gold prices dip in early Friday trading. Silver prices see positive moves Thursday. Palladium continues to trade at premium to Platinum. Trading was exceptionally bulling on Thursday for Silver, which got very close to the $14.50 per ounce level. This price is critical for the Precious Metal, as a sweeping selloff occurred from that area earlier this year. According to a forecast pub... Read More

Falling Stock Markets Keep Gold Prices Steady

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/10/2018 Gold price remains flat as markets falter. Analysts see relative stability of Gold as a sign of resilience. Bitcoin markets on the verge of a major shift. Spot prices for Gold stayed mostly flat Tuesday as falling stock markets tried to balance against a strong U.S. dollar. After briefly trading at the lowest rates since late September, the price of Gold sat around $1,188.20 per ounc... Read More

Gold Drops as China Policy Shifts and U.S. Dollar Gains

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/08/2018 Chinese policy shift leads to Gold price decline. More market instability may be needed to see a big rebound for Gold. Bitcoin proponents use relative stability to encourage new support. During international trading Monday, Gold prices dropped as the U.S. dollar gained strength. This decline came after the central bank of China shifted to a softer domestic policy position to support ... Read More

Gold Sees Lift After Weak U.S. Jobs Report

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/05/2018 The spot price of Gold sees gains amid low U.S. jobs numbers. December Silver futures lift 0.3 percent in early Friday trading. Gold/Palladium ratio narrows to record levels. Early Friday, Gold futures saw further gains, adding to their gains for the week. This strength comes after a report showed weaker U.S. job creation numbers for September. The United States added roughl... Read More

Soft Dollar and Italy Crisis Give Gold Prices a Lift

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/03/2018 Gold gets a lift amid financial concerns in the eurozone. Platinum and Silver prices see a slight increase in early trading. South African official expressed need to build interest in Platinum. Gold spot prices were up Wednesday morning amid a softer U.S. dollar and news regarding Italy’s budget crisis. This week, the European Union officially announced their worries over Italy... Read More

Silver and Gold Review for Quarter 3

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/01/2018 Silver prices and Gold prices both posted losses in the third quarter. Some drops were more significant but all Precious Metals took a hit. As the fourth quarter is now upon us, there is hope metals will see a rally. “Gold fell 10.46% in 2015, but rallied by 8.66% in 2016. The yellow metal posted a 13.65 gain in 2017…Silver recovered in late September to the $14.50 per ounce level on the active month... Read More

Price of Gold Slips as Fed Rate Decision Approaches

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 09/26/2018 Gold prices down ahead of Fed interest rate announcement. Gold bullion more susceptible to interest rate changes than other commodities. Widening Platinum-Gold spread draws attention from investors. Price of Gold Slips as Fed Rate Decision Approaches Gold prices began to slip in early trading Wedn... Read More

Gold On Track for Weekly Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 09/21/2018 Gold on track for weekly gain in early Friday trading. Dollar index stays strong as tariffs more modest than expected. Palladium enjoys 7-week winning streak. Gold acquisition from central banks on the rise. The price of Gold lost a bit of strength in early trading Friday but is still on track for an overall gain this week. This narrow slip came amid continued worries regar... Read More

Trade Dispute Weakens Dollar, Gives Gold a Push

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 09/19/2018 Gold prices up amid growing trade war concerns. Silver’s discount to Gold grows deeper. Platinum and Palladium see strength Wednesday morning. Bitcoin watchers await SEC news. Gold prices went up Wednesday morning as the dollar weakened. This is an indicator of growing concerns about the ramifications of the U.S.-China trade disputes and the potential effects on the g... Read More

Gold Price Tops $1,200 as New U.S. Tariffs Commence

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 09/17/2018 Price of Gold sees a lift in Monday morning trading. China could refuse further trade negotiations with the U.S. due to a threat of tariffs. Overproduction from Platinum mines could lead to long-term low prices. Economists predict a three-year slump for Platinum. On Monday, the price of Gold again topped $1,... Read More

Low Silver Prices Lead to Increased Demand

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 09/14/2018 Earlier this month, the U.S. Mint ran out of 2018 Silver Eagle bullion coins following a temporary sellout. This increased demand is primarily due to the current, multi-year low market price for Silver. The mint released a statement September 6, announcing new stock would be produced. According to Read More

Silver/Gold Ratio Indicates Lower Prices Are Ahead

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 09/12/2018 Since June, the price of Silver has dropped significantly. Overall, Silver spot prices have gone from  $17.35 to $13.91 per ounce, a 19.8 percent decline in three months. According to Seeking Alpha, the chance for more price volatility in the market is rising. If Silver drops below a level last reached December 2015, there ... Read More

Strong Jobs Data Puts Pressure on Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 09/10/2018 The price of Gold and several other metals ended weaker last week, under pressure from a positive jobs report in the U.S. on Friday, and President Trump’s determination to add tariffs to another $267 billion in Chinese goods. On Friday, Gold for September delivery fell to $1,293.60 an ounce on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. P... Read More

Dollar Index Down as Gold Gains

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 09/07/2018The price of Gold climbed higher Thursday, motivated by a weakening U.S. dollar. Short covering and increased buying in Asia also contributed to the increase. Quoted in a report published by Reuter... Read More

Prices of Gold Rise But Still Constrained by U.S. Dollar

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 09/05/2018 The price of Gold lifted slightly in early trading Wednesday, getting strength from technical buying by those concerned about rising inflation in emerging economies. The modest gains were constrained by a rising U.S. dollar, gaining momentum again from global worries over international trade wars. As reported by Read More

Gold Sees Fifth Consecutive Monthly Decline

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/31/2018 The price of Gold saw its low for the week Thursday, dipping below that $1,200 per ounce mark. While it experienced a slight rebound in early trading Friday, prices are still down more than 1 percent for the month, with August poised to end with a five-month decline in Gold prices. That would be the longest streak of losses since 2013, according to Read More

Silver Prices Begin Recovery

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/29/2018 The price of Silver has been stable this week, as it continues to rebound from recent lows. As pointed out in Money Morning, Silver seems to have formed a new, higher low following a brief plateau. Last week, at a meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyom... Read More

Gold Prices Unsettled as U.S. Dollar Tries to Rebound

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/27/2018 In early trading Monday, Gold prices slipped after on overall advance of 2.5 percent last week. The U.S. dollar showed signs of weakening late last week amid new reports from the Federal Reserve regarding interest rates. Summarized in a release on Ma... Read More

Gold Aims for Weekly Gain Ahead of U.S. Economy Report

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/24/2018 During international trading Friday, Gold prices showed small gains but failed to break the $1,200 per ounce threshold. Spot prices for Precious Metals are still pinned down as the world awaits an update on U.S. interest rates and economic data from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. According to Read More

Silver May Be Poised for a Rebound

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/22/2018 Due to the ongoing strength of the U.S. dollar, commodities trading in dollars have had a tough year, including Silver. Since May 2018, the Bloomberg Commodity Index has dropped 9.9 percent, a decline that began just as the trade dispute between the United States and China gained momentum. However, Read More

Pressure on Dollar Lifts Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/20/2018 The price of Gold rose during international trading Monday as hopes of easing tensions between China and the U.S. began to spread. These hopes put pressure on the U.S. dollar, increasing demand for Precious Metals that already improved after the price of Gold hit 19-month lows. According to a report in Read More

Price of Platinum Hits 10-Year Low

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/17/2018 This week's collapse of the Turkish lira caused a landslide for Platinum prices, reaching the lowest levels seen in 10 years. These events , in turn, weakened the currency of South Africa, the world’s leading producer of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). The tumble comes amid ongoing issues for Platinum miners dealing with an oversupply in the automo... Read More

Gold Prices Come Close to 18-Month Lows

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/15/2018 Gold prices continued their slide as the U.S. dollar strengthened. "Gold remained lower after a trio of economic reports on retails sales, productivity and regional manufacturing hit. The data did little to dissuade market expectations for continued U.S. interest-rate hikes this year and next, a negative factor for nonyielding bullion" ( Read More

Gold Prices Slip in International Trading

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/13/2018 The price of Gold slipped during international trading Monday, falling $0.57 globally. This decline follows the global trend of weak prices as demand continues to slide. Low demand for Gold from jewelers as well as retail outlets over the last year has been a challenge for the Precious Metal. Silver prices did see an early increase due to a lift in sales from the in... Read More

Low Silver Prices Appeal to Long-Term Investors

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 08/10/2018 For several consecutive months, Silver prices have dipped to near-record lows. This week, Silver continued its overall decline but some analysts view this as a great investment opportunity for long-term investors. As observed by Moe Zulfiqar on Read More

APMEX Market Reports provide our readers with a review of spot price activity and some of the factors that may be affecting the market for Precious Metals. While the information is obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, we do not guarantee its accuracy or its completeness and we encourage you to conduct your own investigation prior to making any decision based on the information. The Market Reports are not intended as a comprehensive discussion and there may be other factors affecting the financial marketplace. These Market Reports are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation by APMEX to hold, purchase or sell any Precious Metal product. All orders, purchases and sales, if any, are subject to the terms of the User Agreement and other applicable policies.

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