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Our Daily Gold & Silver
Market Reports

Prices of Gold on the Rise

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/16/2018 Supported by a weaker U.S.dollar and safe-haven demand amid U.S. political concerns and U.K.-Russia tensions, the price of Gold is on the road to end the week on a positive note. Price gains were limited however, says Reuters, due to “expectations that the U.S. Federal Reserve ... Read More

Market Analysts Expect Silver Prices to Outperform Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/14/2018 Silver spot price has been lower in recent days, but many market analysts see a rally coming for the gray metal. In fact, some even predict Silver prices will outperform Gold in 2018. said, “The U.S. dollar, which has been weakening for the past year, is expected to fall further. At the sam... Read More

Gold Rate Is Dropping

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/12/2018 Gold prices started Monday off low as pressure from the U.S. dollar and higher stock market prices take over with help from the U.S. jobs report. MarketWatch Reporters Myra P. Saefong and Rachel Koning Beals said, “The latest snapshot of the U.S. labor market showed strong job growth and a hi... Read More

Easing Tensions Put Gold Prices Under Pressure

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/09/2018 Spot Gold prices dropped slightly Thursday after the U.S. dollar rebounded. It was an eventful week for Gold after President Donald Trump "implemented steel and aluminum import tariffs that excluded Canada and Mexico, two key U.S trade partners." (FX Empire) ... Read More

Buy Silver Before the Rally

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/07/2018 Aside from being undervalued, many investors are taking advantage of the low Silver spot prices while they can. Historically speaking, Jeff Clark with Silver Seek says you have 27 days to buy Silver before spot prices skyrocket. A lot of this speculati... Read More

Silver Could Be Best Investment in 2018

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/05/2018 Editor Steve St. Angelo said the Silver metal “will turn out to be one of the best investments to own as the massive amount of leverage in the stock and real estate market evaporates.” Long-term investors typically notice... Read More

Gold Price Rebound

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/02/2018 The U.S. dollar eased on fears of an imminent trade war following President Donald Trump's decision to impose steep tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, causing the price of Gold to regain strength early Friday morning. In fact, spot prices dropped to their lowest since January 2 to around $1,302 an ounce Thursday with speculations of further interest rate hikes set for 2018. Since then, the Read More

Gold and Silver Rates Experience a Sharp Decline

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/28/2018 Both Gold and Silver rates saw a sharp decline Tuesday., which marked Jerome Powell’s first public appearance as Federal Reserve chair. A rate increase is still on tap for 2018, in fact perhaps multiple increases, which spurned a little hesitation for investors. “The tug of war between rising rates and stronger GDP and corporate earnings boo... Read More

Price of Gold Starts Week off Strong

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/26/2018 As the U.S. dollar and bond yields retreated ahead of a week full of appearances by Federal Reserve officials, many Gold metal investors are watching spot prices rise Monday morning. “There seems to be a wave of buyers looking to use this recent correction as a chance to re-enter the market again,” Richard Perry, analyst at Read More

Spot Silver Price Breakout

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/23/2018 Seeking Alpha Reporter Robert Kientz says because of inflation and the weakness in the U.S. dollar, we are looking at a potential breakout within Gold and especially Silver prices, as both hold a very volatile nature. It has been a long time coming since ... Read More

Must-Own Commodities in 2018

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/21/2018 A report by ETF Daily News examines why commodities are the go-to for the 2018 investor. Even those only somewhat familiar with stocks likely were shocked by the February 5 drop. The S&P 500 was down 4.1 percent – its worst fall in 6 1/2 years. Thus, equity investors quickly shifted holdings into safe havens su... Read More

Price of Gold per Ounce Holds Steady

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/19/2018 Precious Metals investors piled into Gold last week on concerns that U.S. inflation could heat up, causing the price of Gold to rise 2.4 percent, according to a report by BusinessDay Editor Zandi Shabalala. ABN AMRO Commodity Strategis... Read More

Gold Prices Today Jump 1.6%

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/16/2018 CNBC Reporter Thomas Franck says Gold appears "as an attractive option for investors looking to protect themselves from the eroding effects of inflation." In fact, Chris Gaffney, president of EverBank World Markets,agrees, saying, "We think that it is a good time to own the Precious Metals." I... Read More

Love for Gold Bullion Continues for Investors

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/14/2018 The price of Gold bullion advanced for the third-straight day with help from a weakening U.S. dollar, giving Precious Metals investors and traders the positive vibes they have been looking for. Moreover, a report from Bloomberg Markets Read More

Gold Prices Rise as U.S. Dollar Drops

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/12/2018 Precious Metals tend to rise when the U.S. dollar weakens because a falling dollar can make those assets cheaper for those using weaker monetary units. Recent news shows Gold prices today are starting the week off strong. MarketWatch Reporter Mark... Read More

Investing in Silver

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/09/2018 Jeff Clark from The Daily Coin said there are 10 main reasons why someone should invest in Silver. Because many new investors question whether Silver is a good investment, Clark says there are plenty of reasons everyone should own physical Silver. O... Read More

Gold Price Remains Valued By Investors

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/07/2018 The Gold price dropped “for a fourth-straight session Wednesday as the dollar index and Treasury yields gained and stocks churned in weaker territory,” according to MarketWatch News Editor Rachel Koning Beals. The January jobs report... Read More

Silver Spot Price Hits Lowest Level in 2018

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/05/2018 Volatility has returned to the gray metal as investors watched spot Silver price drop down to the lowest level seen thus far in 2018 to lows at $16.73. Although this drop in spot price was painful for long-term investors, Seeking Alpha reporter Andrew Hecht says, “i... Read More

Palladium Prices Hit Record Highs, Testing Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/02/2018 The spot price of Palladium hit a record high of $1,138.00 per ounce last week. Due to its high demand in the auto industry and its ongoing supply deficit, Palladium has definitely been a top performer of the Precious Metals market. Used as a catalyst for diesel-based engines, Read More

Silver Prices Today Set to Soar

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/30/2018 According to Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth, today's price of Silver is up 0.76 percent, with room to climb. In fact, Krauth said, “I see plenty of bullish momentum ahead for Silver prices in 2018.” The U.S. Do... Read More

Negative News Affects Bitcoin Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/29/2018 A recent run of negative news has finally taken its toll on popular digital currency Bitcoin. Coin Desk Editor Omkar Godbole said, “Following a hack against the exchange Coincheck last week, CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index turned lower from $11,942 (Sunday high), ultimately hitting a low of $11,110 at 09:59 UTC Monday.&rd... Read More

Comments from President Trump Drive Gold Prices Lower

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/26/2018 After the U.S. dollar got a boost from comments by President Donald Trump, Gold spot prices continued to drop early Friday morning. The president expressed optimism the battered currency would strengthen, according to MarketWatch Barbara Kollmeyer. The yellow metal's recent price rally was driven ... Read More

Gold, Silver Prices Shoot High Amid a Weaker Dollar

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/24/2018 Gold has hit its highest level this year on a weaker U.S. dollar. “Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that a softer dollar was good for the United States” (Nasdaq). Though spot Gold prices rose nearly one percent, their highest price since September 8, investors... Read More

Steady as She Goes: Gold Holds its Own

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/22/2018 Even after the U.S. government shutdown, the dollar remained weak and Gold held steady. Although essential services will still run, many federal programs were put on hold until Republicans and Democrats can break through on a funding plan. The Precious Metals markets were expected to be sporadic following the shutdown but those trends have not come to fruition. Though Gold held steady over t... Read More

Gold Prices Rise with a Possible Government Shutdown

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/19/2018 While Gold rose half a percent Friday, the U.S. dollar neared a three-year low. The political talk this week has been dominated by a potential government shutdown, which has caused tremendous worry among investors. Also on the horizon are interest rate hikes that have investors turning a cautious eye toward the markets.  According to Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/17/2018 News editor Rachel Koning Beals with MarketWatch says the price of Gold, “which returned to levels last seen in mid-September in recent trading sessions, last week tallied a fifth week of consecutive gains, the longest such stretch since April. Month to date, the metal has climbed roughly 2 ... Read More

Gold Pricing Hits 4-Month High

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/15/2018 NASDAQ reports spot Gold prices were up 1 percent Friday as “President Donald Trump said he would waive nuclear sanctions against Iran for the last time to give Washington and its European allies a chance to fix the "terrible flaws... Read More

Palladium Supply and Demand

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/12/2018 Market analysts say the gains we are seeing in Palladium spot price and Palladium stocks is just beginning as shortages continues. ETF Daily News  Read More

Gold Prices Continue to Rise

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/10/2018 According to BullionVault, Gold price value ended 2017 with a rise of more than 13 percent, due in large part to a weaker U.S. dollar and geopolitical uncertainty. Frank Holmes with U.S. Global Investors said, “I believe these forces will only intensify in 2018. With inflation finally showing green shoots and President Donald Trump's $... Read More

Price of Palladium Could Top Spot Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/08/2018 “Palladium is hitting new record nominal highs due to the perfect storm of very robust demand and small, finite supply of physical Palladium bullion,” said Mark O’Byrne, research director Dublin-based GoldCore. Thursday, Palladium futures climbed above $1,100 an ounce for the first time, leaving some traders and investors wondering if Pa... Read More

Rivalry Between Gold and Bitcoin Investments

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/05/2018 It is no secret a lot of new investors are taking their bets on cryptocurrencies, but more specifically Bitcoin has been a top performer. However, those who have experience within the market say something more tangible like physical Gold is a better investment. A report by Seeking Alpha... Read More

Gold Price on Best Streak Since 2011

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/03/2018 Gold Bullion climbed for an eighth-straight day, marking its longest such streak since mid-2011, according to Bloomberg and Money Time. “As global complacency over the trajectory of U.S. rates continues to be astoundingly low, Precious Metals in general should continue to... Read More

Spike in Spot Price Silver for 2018

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/02/2018 As demand for solar panels and electrical vehicles are increasing in 2018, analysts show a very likely spike in Silver prices coming soon. Market watchers at ETMarkets expect Silver metal to be ver... Read More

Gold Price Charts Headed for Best Year Since 2010

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/29/2017 The price of Gold hit one-month highs Friday, putting it on track for its best year since 2010, according to market analysts at RTE. Gold, which is also on track for its best month since August, has benefited from technically-driven momentum as well as th... Read More

Gold Rises With Weak U.S. Dollar Values

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/27/2017 Gold prices inched up Wednesday as the U.S. dollar declined, but “moved in a range as investors stayed away in a holiday-thinned week, while Palladium extended gains after touching a 17-year high,” according to a report by Reuters staff. “The United States announced sanctions on two North Korean officials behind their country's ballistic ... Read More

Palladium Reaches 17-Year Highs

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/26/2017 The price of Palladium metal jumped to 17-year highs Friday as strong demand from for catalytic converters reinforced the prospects of market shortages, but Glenn Wilkins with BayStreet says slowing car sales are expected to challenge gains. Speaki... Read More

Gold on Track for Second Weekly Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/22/2017 Gold prices have been low as the holiday quickly approaches, but the yellow metal is on track for its second week of gains. A report from BusinessLine said Gold “was up 0.8 percent for the week [while] U.S. Gold f... Read More

Bitcoin Value Not Replacing Gold Anytime Soon

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/20/2017 "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer is confident Bitcoin will not replace the value of physical Gold anytime soon. Cramer said, "Long story short, Bitcoin 's not going to replace Gold anytime soon, and I'd say that even if it hadn't started pulling back over the past couple of days." Carley Garner, the co-founder of... Read More

Physical Gold, Silver Remain Better Risk Hedges than Bitcoin

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/18/2017 Currently, charts show Gold and Silver are relatively affordable when compared to other safe-haven assets offering similar protection. Reporter Chris Vermeulen said, “…the fact that the Gold and Silver price ratio is his... Read More

Silver Prices Hurt by Bitcoin

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/15/2017 Investors have recently taken a liking to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, putting physical Precious Metals lower. However, Christopher Lewis with FX Empire said, “I think there is enough uncertainty with interest rates out there to keep the Silver market somewhat afloat, and I also... Read More

APMEX Market Reports provide our readers with a review of spot price activity and some of the factors that may be affecting the market for Precious Metals. While the information is obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, we do not guarantee its accuracy or its completeness and we encourage you to conduct your own investigation prior to making any decision based on the information. The Market Reports are not intended as a comprehensive discussion and there may be other factors affecting the financial marketplace. These Market Reports are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation by APMEX to hold, purchase or sell any Precious Metal product. All orders, purchases and sales, if any, are subject to the terms of the User Agreement and other applicable policies.

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