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Our Daily Gold & Silver
Market Reports

Gold Price Up After Trump’s National Emergency Speech

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/15/2019 The price of Gold and all Precious Metals get boost from Trump's morning speech. The outlook for Gold prices in 2019 brightens amid changing inflation expectations. JPMorgan Chase announces its own cryptocurrency. In a televised speech Friday morning, U.S. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, calling for the construction of a southern border wall. Following the speech... Read More

Pending U.S.-China Trade Resolution Challenges Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/13/2019 Hope for U.S.-China trade war resolution challenges Gold price. The diminishing potential for another government shutdown builds market confidence. Palladium shortage likely to worsen in the coming year. As news mounts that the United States and China may finally resolve a months-long trade war, Gold prices are challenged. Precious Metals like Read More

Platinum and Palladium Had Good Weeks

“In 9 out of 11 (almost 82% cases) when Palladium rallied for a week on very strong volume, we saw a decline in Gold shortly,” (FX Street). Palladium has shown unprecedented strength and may signal an increase of interest to the public. More Palladium and Platinum are being used in electric cars and new technology, fueling demand in recent months. Both ... Read More

Gold Pushes Higher as Dollar Stagnates

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/8/2019 Gold prices move up as U.S. dollar shows signs of weakness. The U.S. government shutdown did not impact economy as harshly as many predicted. St. Louis Fed President describes current monetary policy as "restrictive." As U.S. Treasury yields soften and the dollar shows signs of weakness, Gold prices have again started highe... Read More

Gold Prices Diminish As Remarks from Fed Chair Expected

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/6/2019 Gold prices slip as market awaits new statements from the Fed. Mining association predicts a 7 percent price lift for Silver in 2019. Weaker rand helps lower costs for South African Platinum miners. The price of Gold slid downward Wednesday morning as investors await comments from U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. Wednes... Read More

Greater Treasury Yields Pressure Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/4/2019 Growing Treasury yields entice buyers away from Gold.  Goldman Sachs reduces Gold price predictions for 2019.  The popularity of American Silver Eagles grows in January.  Greater Treasury Yields Pressure Gold Prices For the second session in a row, Gold prices went down on Monday morning. Much of this downward pressure comes from... Read More

New U.S. Jobs Report Rattles Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/1/2019 Exceptional jobs report challenges Gold prices.  Former presidential candidate could become Federal Reserve Board nominee. Gold acquisition by central banks rose substantially in 2018. Following a better-than-anticipated U.S. employment report, Gold prices dipped slightly. The new data show signs of a robust and active labor market, leading many investors to pause their acquisitio... Read More

Gold Price Rises to 8-Month High

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/30/2018 Gold futures traded at highest price in eight months.  Financial exec believes Palladium is driving Gold higher. Recent poll reflects expectation that Platinum will continue to struggle. The price of Gold reached its best level in more than eight months Wednesday morning. As the U.S. Federal Reserve plans to announce new monetary policy decisions, investors expect to hear pr... Read More

Price of Gold Reaches $1,300 Per Ounce

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/28/2018 Gold hits a crucial psychological price level.  Silver follows Gold, potentially ready for a breakout. U.S. Fed monetary policy news expected Wednesday. Gold bullion prices reached $1,300 per ounce early Monday, reaching a crucial psychological trading threshold. While the yellow Precious Metal has yet to show a clear breakthrough above this level, analysts are optimistic about t... Read More

Gold Moves for Weekly Gain as Dollar Retreats

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/25/2018 U.S. dollar weakness gives Gold prices a boost.  Platinum production decreased due to low trade value. Ongoing government shutdown hits commodities markets worldwide. Gold futures moved up during early trading Friday, aiming for an overall weekly gain. Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar saw losses driven by economic growth concerns in many major markets around the world. Read More

Palladium Demand Could Face Challenges

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/23/2018 Gold prices stable as investors turn away from riskier assets. The surge in demand for Palladium could face challenges. Evidence of a Gold/Bitcoin correlation begins to emerge. Palladium prices have seen record growth over the last year, trading at a premium to Platinum for several months and recently pricing higher than Gold. An article on Read More

Gold Hits New Low for 2019

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/21/2018 Gold prices sink to new low mark for the year. Silver struggles to hold onto price gains.  U.S. dollar index up with  stock markets on holiday. Prices for Gold fell Monday morning to the lowest seen this year. This drop was motivated by continued investor confidence in riskier investments, as China’s 2018 economic growth slowed to a near-30 year low. Read More

Positive U.S.-China Trade Agreements Could Boost Silver

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/18/2018 Gold pulls back for the second-consecutive day. Investors remain cautious but optimistic regarding trade war and Brexit negotiations. Positive trade developments could mean boost for industrial Silver. With recent statements from the U.S. Federal Reserve that interest rate hikes could stop for 2019, many analysts have predicted a down year for the dollar. This weakening alone could be... Read More

Gold Prices Remain Steady Surrounded by Political Unrest

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/16/2018 Gold remains stable amid U.S. government shutdown and Brexit woes. Analysts say Bitcoin has yet to reach a bottom. Silver faces challenges above $15 per troy ounce. Wednesday morning, the price of Gold remained stable, building support mainly from political uncertainty. The unrest stemming from the failure of the Brexit proposal, alongside the ongoing U.S. government shutdown, has man... Read More

Gold Eases Up Toward $1,300

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/14/2018 Slipping U.S. dollar index gives Gold additional lift.  Weak import and export data from China leads to global stock market declines. Fourth-quarter Wall Street numbers expected this week. Gold prices eased higher Monday morning amid declines in both global stock markets and the U.S. dollar index. February futures for Gold... Read More

Gold in Position for Fourth-Weekly Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/11/2018 Gold poised for a fourth-consecutive weekly gain. Some investors unwavering in their confidence in the U.S. economy. Rising Palladium prices too low for substantial supply increase. Building support from predictions that U.S. interest rate hikes could soon cease, Gold rose again Friday morning. Rising interest rates added stren... Read More

Prices of Silver Pull Back

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/7/2018 After seeing upward movement in Silver prices, the gray metal appeared to test the $15.50 per ounce breaking point.  This is a good sign for investors and traders because this trend could continue for days to come. There is significant pressure on the U.S dollar, which is benefiting not just from Silver but other metals too. This rise in prices is a good sign, bu... Read More

Gold Targets Rebound After Sizeable Daily Drop

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/7/2018 Gold seems ready for a rebound after Friday's losses. Palladium price reaches new record high. Trade and interest rate data scheduled for release this week. Gold futures traded higher Monday morning following Friday’s significant decline. The drop last week was the biggest single-session slip in two weeks, according to a report published by Read More

Gold Slips But Pointed Toward Weekly Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/4/2018 Gold slightly down but on track for a weekly gain. Price of Gold remains stable following U.S. jobs news. Bitcoin rings in new year with new-found stability. The price of Gold slipped Friday morning following a six-month peak the previous day. At 8:30 p.m. (ET) Thursday, Gold traded at $1,300.52 per troy ounce, the highest level... Read More

Silver Prices Break About $15.50 Per Ounce

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/2/2018 Investors move away from riskier assets toward Gold. Silver prices rise above $15.50 per troy ounce. Bitcoin and other cryptos rally collectively adding $8 billion. On Monday, Silver spot prices rose above $15.50 per troy ounce. While trading briefly dipped below this mark a few times since then, as of 11:20 a.m. (ET) Wednesday, the white metal was up to $15.68, the highest price of th... Read More

Gold Positioned for Annual Decline, First in Three Years

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/31/2018 Gold prices set to see the first annual decline in three years.  Many analysts predicting bull markets for Gold in 2019. Growing hybrid car sales good for Palladium. Gold Positioned for Annual Decline, First in Three Years Challenged by trade tensions and the U.S. dollar for much of the year, Gold prices early Monday were set for an... Read More

U.S. Dollar Descends Amid Market Unrest

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/28/2018 U.S. dollar sees losses amid stock market unrest. Rare coin market in U.S. exceeds $4 billion for 2018. Palladium shortage could mean continued price gains. The U.S. dollar lost strength Thursday as high market volatility sent many investors fleeing to safe-haven assets such as Gold. The ... Read More

New Market Doubts Lead to Gains for Precious Metals

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/26/2018 Precious Metal prices rise on new market uncertainties. Two- to three-year bull market predicted for Gold. Over 90 fraud cases concerning cryptocurrency filed in the last two years.  The price of Gold reached a six-month high Wednesday, driven by growing concerns of a shaky stock market. Slowing growth around the globe and a U.S. government shutdown gave many investors a push to... Read More

Gold Investors Keep Close Watch During U.S. Government Shutdown

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/24/2018 Volatility from U.S. government shutdown could boost Gold.  Bitcoin losing support from many on Wall Street. Stock markets see worst December since the Great Depression. As the U.S. government shuts down due to disagreements between President Donald Trump and Congress, Gold investors are closely watching the situation. The price of Read More

Gold Set for Weekly Gain Despite Fall Back

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/21/2018 Gold prices see setback but still on track for a weekly gain. U.S. stock markets open higher after Thursday declines. Platinum has potential for much growth in 2019. In early trading Friday, Gold futures backed off from the recent six-month high. In spite of this retreat, the yellow metal is still set to close the week with co... Read More

Price of Gold Escalates As Fed Decision Draws Near

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/19/2018 Price of Gold increases ahead of Fed announcement. Bank of Japan and Bank of England meet this week to decide interest rate policy. Bitcoin benefits from a three-day rally. Spot prices for Gold crawled up Wednesday morning toward some of the best rates in almost six months. A weakened U.S. dollar fueled this strength as market... Read More

Gold Markets Hinge on Upcoming Fed Decision

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/17/2018 Gold prices lift ahead of Federal Reserve meeting. Silver, Platinum and Palladium trade higher Monday.  November U.S. housing data could also influence spot prices. This week is expected to be pivotal for Gold prices, as many market watchers wait patiently for announcements from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Many economists have forecast that the central bank will raise interest rat... Read More

Gold Prepares for Weekly Decline

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/14/2018 Gold price on track to decline for the week.  Palladium sees three days of gains.  Bitcoin could dip below $3,000 soon. This week, Gold prices have slipped, with a 0.8 percent decrease as of Friday morning. This ebb puts the yellow Precious Metal on track for an overall weekly decline, potentially the biggest of the ... Read More

Silver Sees Highest Gain in 5 Weeks

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/12/2018 Gold prices stable after U.S. inflation report.  Palladium on track for continued strength.  Silver reaches five-week high. Silver futures for March delivery were trading higher Wednesday morning, achieving the best price levels of the last five weeks. Michael Seery, principal analyst at Seery Futures, writes on Read More

Stock Sell-Off Continues to Boost Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/10/2018 Ongoing stock market losses give Gold a boost. American Silver Eagles see uptick in popularity for November. Bitcoin volatility triples in recent weeks. Last week, investors continued a significant sell-off of stocks, in the U.S. and elsewhere. This ongoing pressure to sell shares has boosted Gold. It is widely known people turn to safe-haven investments such as Precious Metals when ... Read More

Gold Price Climbs Following U.S. Jobs Report

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/7/2018 Weaker-than-expected U.S. jobs report boosts Gold. Platinum and Palladium prices up in early Friday trading. Interest in Silver could surge if spot price reaches $15. Following new U.S. jobs numbers that were weaker than expected, February Gold futures went up 0.4 percent to $1,249.60 per ounce. The weakening U.S. dollar also helped boost Read More

Palladium Prices Surpass Gold in Record Rally

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/5/2018 Increased demand for Palladium leads to record highs. Gold declines ahead of new Fed data. Global stocks decline as trade tensions rise. For the first time in 16 years, the price of Palladium pushed beyond that of Gold. Driven by industrial demand, Palladium saw several record highs over the past four months, coming strikingly close to parity with Gold on a few occasions. The automoti... Read More

Precious Metals See Gains as U.S. Dollar Dips

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/30/2018 U.S. dollar dips amid sell-off, boosting Gold prices. Palladium sees record high, near parity with Gold.  Investors eased but cautious about the future of U.S.-China tariffs. On Monday morning, Precious Metals prices were up following a U.S. dollar sell-off driven by news regarding the U.S.-China trade war. At the G20 summit in Argentina, U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese ... Read More

Gold Set for Weekly Decline as U.S. Stocks Climb

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/30/2018 Gold prices slip amid U.S. dollar gains. Some analysts are still optimistic about Precious Metals in Q1 2019. The G-20 Summit in Argentina could ease U.S.-China trade woes. Friday morning, Gold prices fell and may be set for a weekly decline as the U.S. dollar gained strength late in the week and the stock market saw significa... Read More

Gold, Silver Bullion and Mining Stocks See Price Slip

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/28/2018 Price of Gold goes down, potentially facing new challenges. Fed confirms new interest rate hikes in coming weeks. Bitcoin sees 9 ... Read More

Goldman Sachs Analysts Predict Gold Rebound

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/26/2018 Major U.S. bank predicts higher Gold prices in 2019. Gold mining on the rise for the next four years. G20 Summit in Argentina could lead to more market stability. In a report released Monday, analysts at Goldman Sachs predict a price surge for commodities over the next few months. They forecast this rebound will include Gold a... Read More

Gold Ticks Up as Dollar Index Slumps

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/21/2018 U.S. dollar index slips, giving Gold prices a boost. Silver visits highest spot prices since early November. London market daily Precious Metals trading volume smaller than estimated. The price of Gold edged up during international trading Wednesday morning. Trade activity was somewhat low as the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday appr... Read More

Gold Sees Lift Surrounded by Brexit Turbulence

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/16/2018 Brexit uncertainty is a boost for Gold prices. Silver oversold during long-term bear market. Palladium nearing price parity with Gold. The price of Gold saw increased traction Friday morning as many investors moved away from risky investments on continued Brexit turbulence. On Thursday, U.K. Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigned, leading to further concern over Prime Minister Theres... Read More


Gold sees continued challenges. Silver down as trade tensions fuel 2019 concerns. Demand for bullion by central banks grows in Q3. Investment by central banks in Gold coins and bars has been on the rise in 2018 and this trend continued during the third quarter. Coin World cited numbers from the World Gold Council that indicate global de... Read More

Price of Gold Declines as Dollar Strength Mounts

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/12/2018 Gold prices fall for the third-consecutive session. Silver, Platinum and Palladium all see declines in spot prices. U.S. inflation data to be released Wednesday. Gold spot prices fell again Monday morning for the third-consecutive session. While they are certainly still up from the lows seen in August, the yellow metal is down 8 percent for 2018. The Read More

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