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Our Daily Gold & Silver
Market Reports

Gold Prices Rise with a Possible Government Shutdown

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/19/2018 While Gold rose half a percent Friday, the U.S. dollar neared a three-year low. The political talk this week has been dominated by a potential government shutdown, which has caused tremendous worry among investors. Also on the horizon are interest rate hikes that have investors turning a cautious eye toward the markets.  According to Read More

Silver Prices Could Outperform Gold in 2018

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/17/2018 Since New Year’s Monday, Bullion Vault Director of Research Adrian Ash says as Silver bullion prices rose 2.7 percent, “the largest Silver-backed trust fund contrast shrank by 13 percent.” But the latest data from the Commodity Futures Trad... Read More

Gold Pricing Hits 4-Month High

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/15/2018 NASDAQ reports spot Gold prices were up 1 percent Friday as “President Donald Trump said he would waive nuclear sanctions against Iran for the last time to give Washington and its European allies a chance to fix the "terrible flaws... Read More

Palladium Supply and Demand

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/12/2018 Market analysts say the gains we are seeing in Palladium spot price and Palladium stocks is just beginning as shortages continues. ETF Daily News  Read More

Gold Prices Continue to Rise

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/10/2018 According to BullionVault, Gold price value ended 2017 with a rise of more than 13 percent, due in large part to a weaker U.S. dollar and geopolitical uncertainty. Frank Holmes with U.S. Global Investors said, “I believe these forces will only intensify in 2018. With inflation finally showing green shoots and President Donald Trump's $... Read More

Price of Palladium Could Top Spot Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/08/2018 “Palladium is hitting new record nominal highs due to the perfect storm of very robust demand and small, finite supply of physical Palladium bullion,” said Mark O’Byrne, research director Dublin-based GoldCore. Thursday, Palladium futures climbed above $1,100 an ounce for the first time, leaving some traders and investors wondering if Pa... Read More

Rivalry Between Gold and Bitcoin Investments

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/05/2018 It is no secret a lot of new investors are taking their bets on cryptocurrencies, but more specifically Bitcoin has been a top performer. However, those who have experience within the market say something more tangible like physical Gold is a better investment. A report by Seeking Alpha... Read More

Gold Price on Best Streak Since 2011

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/03/2018 Gold Bullion climbed for an eighth-straight day, marking its longest such streak since mid-2011, according to Bloomberg and Money Time. “As global complacency over the trajectory of U.S. rates continues to be astoundingly low, Precious Metals in general should continue to... Read More

Spike in Spot Price Silver for 2018

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/02/2018 As demand for solar panels and electrical vehicles are increasing in 2018, analysts show a very likely spike in Silver prices coming soon. Market watchers at ETMarkets expect Silver metal to be ver... Read More

Gold Price Charts Headed for Best Year Since 2010

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/29/2017 The price of Gold hit one-month highs Friday, putting it on track for its best year since 2010, according to market analysts at RTE. Gold, which is also on track for its best month since August, has benefited from technically-driven momentum as well as th... Read More

Gold Rises With Weak U.S. Dollar Values

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/27/2017 Gold prices inched up Wednesday as the U.S. dollar declined, but “moved in a range as investors stayed away in a holiday-thinned week, while Palladium extended gains after touching a 17-year high,” according to a report by Reuters staff. “The United States announced sanctions on two North Korean officials behind their country's ballistic ... Read More

Palladium Reaches 17-Year Highs

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/26/2017 The price of Palladium metal jumped to 17-year highs Friday as strong demand from for catalytic converters reinforced the prospects of market shortages, but Glenn Wilkins with BayStreet says slowing car sales are expected to challenge gains. Speaki... Read More

Gold on Track for Second Weekly Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/22/2017 Gold prices have been low as the holiday quickly approaches, but the yellow metal is on track for its second week of gains. A report from BusinessLine said Gold “was up 0.8 percent for the week [while] U.S. Gold f... Read More

Bitcoin Value Not Replacing Gold Anytime Soon

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/20/2017 "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer is confident Bitcoin will not replace the value of physical Gold anytime soon. Cramer said, "Long story short, Bitcoin 's not going to replace Gold anytime soon, and I'd say that even if it hadn't started pulling back over the past couple of days." Carley Garner, the co-founder of... Read More

Physical Gold, Silver Remain Better Risk Hedges than Bitcoin

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/18/2017 Currently, charts show Gold and Silver are relatively affordable when compared to other safe-haven assets offering similar protection. Reporter Chris Vermeulen said, “…the fact that the Gold and Silver price ratio is his... Read More

Silver Prices Hurt by Bitcoin

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/15/2017 Investors have recently taken a liking to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, putting physical Precious Metals lower. However, Christopher Lewis with FX Empire said, “I think there is enough uncertainty with interest rates out there to keep the Silver market somewhat afloat, and I also... Read More

Gold Holds 5-Month Low as Investors Await Fed Meeting

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/13/2017 Spot Gold prices held “near its weakest level in almost five months on Wednesday amid expectations the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates again at the conclusion of its last policy meeting this year,“ according to Read More

Spot Gold Price Strengthens Ahead of U.S. Fed Reserve Meeting

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/11/2017 The Precious Metals market saw slight gains early Monday morning as this week marks the last Federal Reserve meeting of 2017, which could result in a third and final interest rate hike. If that does indeed occur, the U.S. dollar could strengthen further, causing safe-haven assets such as Gold to drop. Jan Harvey with Read More

Palladium Prices Continues to Beat Platinum

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/08/2017 Palladium hit a $1,022.70 per ounce Thursday, just under a 16-year high seen last week, with help from heightened automobile demand and an ongoing supply deficit, Reuters Reporter Renita D Young said. Meanwhile, Pla... Read More

Prices of Silver Dip before Christmas Rally

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/06/2017 Investors have watched the price of Silver continue to struggle. Commodity Trade Mantra says, “The longer-term chart looks fine but on the emotional short-term charts, the struggles continue. There are many questions that arise from the recent activity. ” If economic growth is so good, wher... Read More

Physical Gold Hits 4-Week Lows

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/04/2017 Reports show Gold prices fell early Monday, quickly reaching four-week lows as a result of a strengthening U.S. dollar following a recently approved tax overhaul and the market looking ahead to the December Federal Reserve meeting. NASD... Read More

American Silver Eagle Sales Rise for November

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/01/2017 According to Dave Harper with Numismatic News, November sales for the Silver Eagle coin has “inched past the September figure and now stand at 385,000 pieces.” September Silver Eagle sales of 320,000 coins remain as the lowest monthly total for 2017. Now, analysts are curious to see how the c... Read More

Palladium Metal Price Hits Highest Since February 2001

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/29/2017 Palladium jumped 2 percent Tuesday, according to Reuters Reporter Renita D. Young and Jan Harvey, marking its highest price since February 2001. Analysts say this jump is due to traders and Precious Metals inves... Read More

Gold Value Higher on Cyber Monday

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/27/2017 As investors look ahead to congressional testimony by the nominee for Federal Reserve Chair and a meeting between President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans on tax reform, the U.S. dollar drops in value causing Precious Metals such as Gold prices to rise. Mitsubishi Analyst Jon Butler said, “We've seen a fairly firm recovery underpinned by a... Read More

Higher Silver Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/22/2017 Although the price of Silver dropped a shockingly 2.3 percent starting the week, it has turned around and has now made a 0.6 percent gain as of yesterday afternoon. Much of this movement is coming from investors turning their attention toward the upcoming U.S. Fed meeting with anticipation of another move for the monetary system. With cautious inve... Read More

Geopolitical Risks Boost Gold Demand

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/20/2017 As Citi analysts reported Monday, “Elections and political votes, military attacks and macroeconomic crises [are] some of the key geopolitical events likely to influence investment into Gold” and other Precious Metals, CNBC Reporter Sam Meredith said. While ther... Read More

Gold Continues to Rise on Political Jitters

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/17/2017 A report about a U.S. probe requesting more documents linked to possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has led to a weaker U.S. dollar, helping Gold prices to continue to rise. Jonathan Butler, commodities analyst at Mitsubishi in London, said, “The plot seems to thicken day by day and what that does is make less likely... Read More

Is Buying Physical Silver Best for Long-Term Investors?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/15/2017 FX Empire blogger Christopher Lewis says although a “choppy market” is imminent, now is the perfect time to buy physical Silver, especially for a long-term investing strategy. While the rebound could be months or even years away, many analysts believe Silver prices will go higher. ... Read More

Silver and Gold Price Ratio

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/13/2017 Recent price fluctuations within all Precious Metals are mostly in reaction to geopolitical tensions around the world. Moreover, price charts were moved with discussion regarding who would be the next chair of the Federal Reserve. Market Realist Meera Shawn says Gold is the most ... Read More

Palladium Prices Continue 16-Year Highs

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/10/2017 Low supplies and high demand have been the main cause for the consistent rise in Palladium prices. The price of Palladium has surged in recent months to its highest level for more than 16 years as robust demand has met tight supplies of the multi-purpose Precious Metal, which a report by MENAFN and... Read More

Gold Price Charts On The Rise

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/08/2017 The U.S. dollar declined on the expectation of potential delays in the long-awaited tax reforms, causing Gold price charts to rise. After falling about 0.5 percent Tuesday, BusinessDay Editor Zandi Shabalala said Gold prices have risen 0.4 perc... Read More

Gold Price Gains Are Limited

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/06/2017 A drop in bond yields and a steadier U.S. dollar caused Gold prices to slowly make their way above $1,270 an ounce. However, prices were limited as many buyers await word from the December Federal Reserve meeting, where interest rates are expected to be raised for the third and final time of 2017. Meanwhile, Saxo Bank Head of Commodity Research Ole Hansen said, “With Trump in Asia we could see North Korea t... Read More

Silver Analysis

Silver prices went up and down on an interesting Thursday, topped with the official nomination of the new Federal Reserve chair. According to Christopher Lewis with FX Empire, “The U.S. dollar should continue to strengthen, so given time...the Silver market will roll over.” While this is a possibility, it is still important to consider what is on the horizon ... Read More

New Fed Chairman Powell Deemed Good for Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/01/2017 We have all watched Precious Metal prices drop in recent days. However, Keith Weiner with SeekingAlpha said a report came out mentioning Jerome Powell, currently on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, is now in the number one spot to receive the title as the new Fed Chair, replacing Janet Yelle... Read More

Silver Prices Hover Around $17 an Ounce

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/30/2017 Although the price of Gold has dropped well below $1,300 an ounce, Silver is somehow managing to linger around the $17 an ounce mark. And while prices have been steadily dropping across the board for all Precious Metals, investors and traders, including collectors and gift givers, are not complaining about the lower metal prices. Panic will come in to play for investors when prices do not rebound or experience th... Read More

What is Happening with Gold Prices?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/27/2017 With the U.S. dollar up Friday, the price of Gold dropped, reaching near three-week lows. “The spot Gold may return to its October 6 low of $1260.16 [per ounce] as it has damaged a support zone of $1,271 to $1,268,” technical analyst Wang Tao said (FSM News). Another factor that could drive the metal ev... Read More

Gold Prices Hit 2-1/2 Week Lows

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/25/2017 The price of Gold fell to a 2 1/2 week low early Wednesday, according to Reuters Reporter Peter Hobson, as reports came out “that Republican senators favored John Taylor to become the next head of the U.S. Federal Reserve drove the dollar and U.S. bond yields higher... Read More

Silver Eagle Coins Sales Recover

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/23/2017 According to an article by Numismatic News, Silver American Eagle bullion coin sales in the first half of October already surpassed the September monthly sales total. In fact, as of October 18, the U.S. Mint sold 750,000 to authorized coin dealers and purchasers, well ahead of the 320,000 coins sold in Septem... Read More

The Price of Gold Falls Again

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/20/2017 The dollar regained ground Friday as “the U.S. Senate approved a budget plan for the 2018 fiscal year that will ease passage for Republicans to pursue a tax-cut package without Democratic support,” thus lowering the price of Gold and other Precious Metals, according to Read More

Silver-Gold Price Ratio Price Forecast

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/19/2017 Although we have seen the price of Gold per ounce rise this year, many analysts believe Silver prices will indeed win for the second year in a row. Myra Saefong with SilverSeek said the gray metal is poised for a “big climb, particularly as the Gold-to-Silver ratio stands well above historical averages.” In fact, Paul Mla... Read More

APMEX Market Reports provide our readers with a review of spot price activity and some of the factors that may be affecting the market for Precious Metals. While the information is obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, we do not guarantee its accuracy or its completeness and we encourage you to conduct your own investigation prior to making any decision based on the information. The Market Reports are not intended as a comprehensive discussion and there may be other factors affecting the financial marketplace. These Market Reports are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation by APMEX to hold, purchase or sell any Precious Metal product. All orders, purchases and sales, if any, are subject to the terms of the User Agreement and other applicable policies.

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