How To Buy Gold and Silver

Buying Gold and Silver is a little different than your typical investment. While it can be as important as investing in your future, it can also be a fun shopping experience. Here are a few things you will want to know as you begin investing in Precious Metals.

Before you buy a Precious Metals product, you need to understand how it is priced. Here are a few terms you should know and how they relate to the price to buy and sell products:
Set by global markets, the spot prices change often. A bid price is the price markets will pay for Precious Metals. The ask is the spot selling price. 

A premium is added to the ask price to cover the cost of manufacturing and distribution. When you see ".99 cents per ounce over spot," the premium is .99 cents. 

We make it easy to sell your Precious Metals, from locking in your price to getting paid. We offer fair, market-driven prices that are locked in when your order is placed over the phone. Sell prices are often referred to as volume pricing

The difference between the buy price and sell price is called the spread

Only buy Precious Metals from reputable retailers. If you see an opportunity that is significantly cheaper than current market prices, it is likely that the products for sale are not authentic. Always stay up to date on current market prices and only do business with sellers that have a long-standing reputation for quality.

With thousands of Precious Metals products on the market, choosing investments is a personal decision. Some people simply want Gold or Silver coins, rounds or bars. Others want products that are valuable because of their design, mintage or other collectible qualities.

In some ways, buying Precious Metals is as easy as adding a product to your cart and going to check out. But there are also a few key differences you want to keep an eye out for when decided where to buy Precious Metals:

Lock in Your Price
Your price should be locked in for at least 10 minutes after you start the checkout process.

Choose Method of Payment
A range of payment options includes credit cards, bank wire or personal check.

Check Shipping Times
Fast shipping times usually means the product is on hand. Abnormally long shipping times can mean a dealer doesn't own the product.

Rewards Programs
Perks can include free shipping, promotional offers or advance notice of sales. Learn more about APMEX Club.

Securely storing Gold and Silver is top-of-mind for most investors. If you wish to store your investments at home or in a bank, APMEX supplies will protect your products from damage. Citadel, an APMEX subsidiary, works with Brink's to offer private storage in a high-security facility.

home storage

This option provides easy access to your products and may allow you to showcase them to friends and family.

bank storage

Many banks rent vault space to the public for safekeeping of valuables. These APMEX products will protect your Gold and Silver from damage during the safe deposit box’s handling.

secure storage

Companies like Citadel Global Depository Services segregate your products from other investors' in a high-security facility at a low cost.

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