Indian Head $10 Gold Coin (1907-1933)

Indian Head $10 Gold Coin (1907-1933)

The Indian $10 Gold coin, or Indian Head Eagle, was launched shortly after the turn of the 20th century. Though the coin carried a high face value for its day, it was widely circulated and would have been familiar to most U.S. citizens. Today, collectors from all over the world hope to add the beautiful $10 Indian Gold coin to their collection.

Of course, collectors only want the most well-preserved coins for their collections, and there are very few pristine coins still on the market. As time goes by, acquiring the $10 Indian will only grow more difficult, as fewer of them are available each year. Bear in mind, too, because these coins boast a high intrinsic value based on their Gold content, they will always be sought by collectors and investors alike.

The Value of a $10 Indian Gold Coin

The value of an average $10 Indian ranges dramatically, but a good rule of thumb is to allot $500 for the purchase of one of these fascinating coins. Even in Poor condition, the rarity and the Gold content makes the $10 Indian perennially popular. The better condition a coin is in, of course, the higher the premium it may command.

Though $500 is a fair baseline price to keep in mind, you should not be at all surprised if you see much higher prices. A specimen in Uncirculated condition can easily cost over $1,000. Of course, the exact asking price depends on many factors that may vary from dealer to dealer, so only buy from reputable sources and be prepared to do a bit of comparison shopping

Indian Head $10 Gold Coin (1907-1933) obverse

The Most Desirable $10 Indian Gold Coins

Generally, the most sought-after Indian Head Eagles are those that have survived the passage of time in the best condition. As most coin collectors know all too well, very few coins of this age have enjoyed careful preservation. The first and last years the coin was minted, 1907 and 1933, are especially popular among collectors.

Something further to consider is that in some years, up to three different types of the $10 Gold Indian were produced. Therefore, while the 1908 $10 Indian may have an asking price of $500, its 1908-S counterpart may be listed starting at $700. This is another situation where it behooves collectors to do their research. As always, knowledge is power. The more you know about the going rate of these coins, the better equipped you are to make the right buying decision for your collection.


Future Value of $10 Indian Gold Coins

Though you may be well-versed as to the value of these coins to contemporary collectors, there is no way of knowing precisely what their value may be on any given date in the future. However, coin specialists assure us the $10 Indian should grow in value over time. The upward trend in Gold spot price combined with the fact these coins will certainly become scarcer with each passing year makes experts believe the $10 Indian Head Gold coin should see long-term appreciation. For this reason, we suggest purchasing $10 Gold Indians now rather than waiting, because it will become increasingly difficult to acquire these coins in the condition you desire.

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