Liberty $10 Gold Coin (1838-1907)

Liberty 10 Dollar Gold Coin (1838-1907)

The Liberty 10 Dollar Gold coin, known as an Eagle, was in its era an extremely high face-value coin and did not enjoy as wide a circulation as pennies, nickels and dimes of the period. That said, $10 Liberty Gold coins were popular both when they were in circulation and among collectors today. Presently, coin collectors eagerly seek these coins as their availability dwindles.

Of course, not just any coin will do for the discerning collector; they prefer to acquire only the best-preserved coins of the highest quality. Unfortunately, every one of these precious coins is more than 100 years old and has been subjected to any amount of wear and tear, from circulation to haphazard storage to benign neglect.

The Value of a $10 Liberty Gold Coin

Despite its original $10 face value, $10 Liberty coins are currently worth a good deal more. Their inherent value based on Gold content alone is dictated by the spot price of Gold. Even a Liberty Gold coin in the poorest state carries value and commands a premium higher than what you might expect. Generally, you should allow no less than $500 to acquire one of these coins. They are not only rare as collectibles but their intrinsic Gold content drives their value.

Editions of the coin that are particularly rare may command premiums into the many thousands of dollars. Of course, acquisition of those special pieces is typically the purview of experienced collectors with the resources to make serious additions to their collections, but they do exist. Naturally, the better condition a coin is in, the higher the price it can command. Collectors always desire the best-preserved coins for their collections.

Liberty $10 Gold Coin (1838-1907) obverse

The Most Coveted $10 Liberty Gold Coins

The most coveted $10 Liberty coins are the ones in the best condition. Regardless of the year of mintage, every collector wants to find a pristinely preserved coin. Of course, it goes without saying that the better preserved a coin is, the higher its value on the coin market. Since there were up to three different editions of the $10 Liberty Gold coin produced each year, you may notice one enjoys markedly greater popularity among collectors, while others may not be so eagerly sought.

The 1882-CC Liberty, for example, commands much higher premiums than its 1882 counterpart. The price discrepancy is generally explained by the scarcity of coins on the market but other details factor in as well. Some editions are so exceedingly rare that an accurate value is impossible to determine simply because the coin is worth whatever a person is willing to pay. In those cases, the amount can be staggering.


The Future Value of $10 Liberty Gold Coins

It is impossible to say with certainty just what the value of a specific coin will be 10 or 20 years in the future. However, coin experts agree when it comes to the $10 Liberty Gold coin, you can possibly expect to see some long-term growth. There are fewer of these coins available with each passing year and their intrinsic value based on Gold content alone should continue to rise. This is why, if you are interested in $10 Liberty Gold coins, we encourage you to acquire one of these exceptional coins now, as they are only going to become scarcer and more expensive in the future.

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