Liberty $5 Coins (1839-1908)

Liberty $5 Coins (1839-1908)

The $5 coin, also known as a Half Eagle, was a high face-value coin in its day, when $5 represented great purchasing power. Today, this coin is popular with collectors because of the intrinsic value of its Gold content as well as how it represents a part of American history. The $5 Liberty Gold coin was minted for nearly 70 years and there are generally plenty of these coins on the market for interested buyers, but that is not indefinitely sustainable.

The Liberty $5 coin is most often found in Poor condition due to the wear and tear of circulation. Because of that, the condition becomes especially important to serious collectors; they want to minutely examine the coin prior to purchase or seek coins that have been professionally graded. That said, even $5 Liberty Gold coins in Poor condition have a place in the coin market.

The Value of a Liberty $5 Gold Coin

The premium commanded by a Liberty $5 Gold coin depends on a variety of factors. Prices vary from coin to coin, from dealer to dealer and from year to year. That is to say, while one year’s coin may be valued around $300, another year’s coin may be worth three times that amount based on details such as scarcity, year of mintage and condition of the coin.

Generally speaking, you should expect to spend anywhere north of $300 if you wish to add a $5 Liberty to your collection. The value of the Gold content of this coin ensures a baseline price so even a poorly preserved coin will sell for three figures. The better condition a coin is in, the higher the premium it can command. It behooves a serious buyer to comparison shop before making a decision.

Liberty $5 Gold Coin (1839-1908) obverse

The Most Desirable Liberty $5 Gold Coins

As mentioned previously, certain iterations of the $5 Liberty are undeniably more desirable to collectors. Naturally, these special pieces will cost more to obtain and are harder to find in the first place. It is important to know exactly what you want to purchase and exactly what a dealer is offering because there were up to three different editions of these coins produced each year.

This means while the 1877-S $5 Liberty is valued between $300 and $1,500, the 1877-CC cannot be had for less than $2,000. These coins may seem expensive, and they undeniably cost a good deal to acquire, but if you consider they will only become rarer and more expensive, you can see that now is the absolute best time to acquire these coins. If you are serious about adding a $5 Liberty Gold coin to your collection, act now.


The Future Value of Liberty $5 Gold Coins

$5 Liberty Gold coins are quite pricey, especially for new collectors, but it is an undeniable fact that they will only ever become more valuable. Whether it is because of the appreciating value of Gold or the diminishing quantity of coins on the market, the value of these coins will rise over time. This is why we continually tell folks now is the best time to acquire these coins regardless of their condition. Of course, those well-preserved coins will see their prices spike faster than those that have been poorly preserved, but every one of these coins is likely to appreciate over time.

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