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Thanks to the 1848 Gold Rush, California is practically synonymous with Gold in the United States. This legacy is apparent when one realizes that California has more Gold and Silver coin dealers than almost any other state. Within California, there are many bullion dealers, from small mom-and-pop shops to large companies, so you are sure to find a variety of coin shops near you. While Gold will always enjoy a special place in the heart of Californian collectors and investors due to the state’s rich Gold history, many dealers offer wide selections of other Precious Metal investment products, numismatic coins and paper currency.

Bullion Sales Tax in California

California collects 7.25% sales tax state-wide. While this tax applies to most purchases of bullion or coins, there is a loophole. A tax exemption becomes available when you spend $1500 or more in a single transaction, so private-citizen investors of average means generally plan their purchases carefully, buying only when they can spend at least $1,500 in Precious Metal coins and bullion all at once. Keep this spending target in mind as you browse coin dealers near you, as the tax saving will add up quickly and get more for your money. Under California Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1599 (, “Tax does apply to sales of coins as collector’s items or as an investment” and “Tax applies to sales of gold or silver bullion.” However, within section 3 of this regulation lies the exemption for bulk sales of monetized bullion, non-monetized Gold or Silver bullion, and numismatic coins where the total purchase price is $1,500 or higher. Please note that paper currency is always taxable, with no similar exemption available. Additionally, many areas of California collect a city sales tax. For example, within the environs of Los Angeles, sales tax of 9% is collected. You must qualify for the state sales tax exemption described above to avoid this additional tax.

It is important to note that several categories of numismatic collectibles remain taxable under Washington state law. First, Precious Metals in a form which adds to their value – such as medallions and jewelry – are subject to sales tax. Paper currency and exonumia are taxable.

Local Gold and Silver Mints in California

California is home to several respected mints. You may wish to browse the California Gold and Silver mints near you, as some offer retail products. Some, of course, are wholesale only.

This small private mint has headquarters in Los Angeles. They have very little online presence. Northstar Mint’s Silver bars are available in 10, 25, and 50 troy ounce sizes, and they produce Silver rounds bearing a classic liberty design. Their bars are plain but of good quality; they are generally found through large Silver dealers.

The San Francisco Mint is a beloved branch of the United States Mint. It opened in 1854 specifically to produce coins from the newly-mined Gold of the California Gold Rush. Over the course of its illustrious history, the mint has been responsible for striking many general circulation U.S. coins. Today, proof coinage comes from the San Francisco Mint. You will know if a coin originated here because these coins bear an “S” mintmark.

Coin Dealers Near Me

If you are looking for a reputable wholesaler near you where you might make purchases locally, allow APMEX to assist you. Here we provide a list of wholesale dealers who may be able to assist you:

Thank you for joining APMEX in supporting local California wholesalers. Personal relationships are important in the Precious Metals industry, and as eager as we are to be your valued retailer, we hope you will reach out to local companies and coin shops near you, too. Local people in the industry could become a valuable source of information and camaraderie.

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California is a large state famous for its historic relationship with Gold, so it follows that California is home to more coin dealers than almost any other state in the country. The Los Angeles area, specifically, offers a high concentration of Precious Metals dealers and coin shops. Though Gold is especially popular with native Californians, there are plenty of dealers offering other Precious Metal bullion, rare coins and paper currencies.

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