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Georgia, established in 1732, was the last colony founded of the original 13. Georgia, sometimes called the Peach State, is famous not only for its peaches and pecans but also for fine southern manners, the historic city of Savannah, and being the birthplace of Coca-Cola. Gold was discovered in the mountains of North Georgia in 1829; the resulting Gold rush prompted the establishment of a federal mint branch in Dahlonega. That mint operated until the Gold rush dwindled, closing in 1861. Today, Gold bullion is still a popular investment choice in Georgia due in part to Georgia’s investor-friendly tax statutes. The state has become something of a tax haven for Precious Metal buyers, and is home to many renowned coin shops.

Bullion Sales Tax in Georgia

Bullion and coins are exempt from sales tax in Georgia. According to Georgia sales and use tax exemptions O.C.G.A. § 48 ( List of Sales and Use Tax Exemptions.pdf), “Sales of gold, silver, or platinum bullion” and “Sales of coins or currency” are exempt from tax. This exemption encompasses all U.S. and foreign coinage, paper currency and Silver, Gold or Platinum bullion products. Due to this exemption, Precious Metal collectors and investors generally do not have to pay sales tax when purchasing from Georgia dealers. This exemption applies whether the coin’s value is numismatic, or based solely its Precious Metal content.

It’s important to note that exonumia including tokens, medallions and any other collectibles not used as legal tender are taxable. Palladium and bullion made of other metals not listed here are also taxable. This tax exemption has been the subject of hot debate over the past few years, and some investors harbor a growing concern that the state may attempt to eliminate the exemption in an effort to generate tax revenue. For now, though, the exemption remains in place and makes bullion purchases in Georgia an attractive option for collectors and investors.

Local Gold and Silver Mints in Georgia

The United States Mint established a branch in Dahlonega in 1835, following the Gold rush in north Georgia. The mint struck more than $6 million worth in Gold coins between its establishment and its closing in 1861. As the Gold rush came to an end, the mint was simply no longer needed. Today, these Georgia-minted gold coins are difficult to locate and highly collectible.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers Near Me

If you are looking for a reputable wholesaler near you where you might make purchases locally, allow APMEX to assist you. Here we provide a list of wholesale dealers who may be able to assist you:

Thank you for joining APMEX in supporting local wholesalers. We believe that personal relationships are important in the Precious Metals industry, and as eager as we are to be your trusted retailer, we hope you will reach out to local companies, too. Local industry leaders may be a valuable source of information and camaraderie.

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Georgia boasts investor-friendly tax codes, including an exemption for coins and bullion. These policies have made Atlanta a shopping destination among Precious Metal investors and collectors in the market to make a large acquisition.

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