NebraskaThe Great Plains state of Nebraska was not heavily settled by people of European descent until the California Gold Rush in 1848. The trail to California was abandoned by many adventurers who decided to settle in beautiful places they originally meant to pass through.

Despite the settlement that occurred in that time and pioneers who made their way there over the next decades, Nebraska is one of the least densely populated areas of the United States. Its prairie grasslands have made Nebraska a major cattle producer, although it is most famous for its corn.

Bullion Sales Tax in Nebraska

Beginning in April of 2014, Nebraska made bullion and currency purchases exempt from sales tax. This exemption applies to coins, paper currency, Precious Metals, and other numismatic items (

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Local City Information

    • Omaha, Nebraska Local Directory

Omaha, Nebraska, is really the bread basket of America. As the home of both packaged-food monolith ConAgra Foods and the Berkshire Hathaway holding company, companies headquartered in Omaha touch your life every day. Omaha and its environs also offer several well-regarded Precious Metal dealers and coin shops for investors and collectors.

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