OhioIn 1803 Ohio, or the “Buckeye State,” became the first state west of the Appalachian mountains. The traffic light, pop-top can, cash register and hot dog were all invented in Ohio, which is rich in Midwestern friendliness but flavored with an Eastern can-do attitude. It’s home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Ohio State University and eight Presidents. The state’s largest city and capital is Columbus. Approximately 50% of the U.S. population lives within 500 miles of Columbus, giving rise to the state slogan, “The Heart of it All.”

Ohio Gold and Silver Mints

Ohio Precious Metals LLC is a Precious Metal refinery and mint producing Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium items. Established nearly 40 years ago, the company prides itself on being among the world’s most environmentally conscious refineries. OPM uses recycled Precious Metals from their refinery division to produce bullion bars. Their products include Gold and Silver bars of .999 fineness or greater, in sizes starting at one troy ounce. They famously produce a dazzling 400-ounce Gold bar which retails for more than $600,000.

Precious Metal and Coin Dealers Near Me

If you seek a reputable local wholesaler near you where you might make purchases in person, allow APMEX to be of service. Browse our list of wholesale dealers who may be able to assist you:

Coinisseur Inc dba Modern Rarities

121 W. High Street, Suite 100
Lima, OH 45801

NW Ohio's premier Precious Metals dealer with over 30 years experience!

Dollar Towne

P.O Box 304
Bellbrook, OH 45305

Dealer in all Precious Metals since 1972. We are a multi-generational family owned company. We look forward hearing from you.

Local City Information

    • Columbus, Ohio Local Directory

Columbus is both the largest city and the capital of Ohio. The location of Columbus Ohio makes it a truly central city; experts estimate that over half the population of the United States lives within 500 miles of this city. This central location means that many, many potential customers can easily reach Columbus to do business there. There are a number of well-respected coin shops in Columbus ready to serve you, whether you seek rare coins or simply wish to buy Precious Metal bullion.

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