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This Great Plains state is characterized by open skies, picturesque prairies and fascinating topography ranging from the plateaus of the Ozarks to the mesas and buttes of the Glass mountains. Oklahoma has more Native American residents than any other state. The Native Americans who settled there after the forced migration of Native peoples have together given Oklahoma a rich Native American history. In fact, more than 25 Native American languages are spoken throughout Oklahoma. Historically, the state was a major throughway for lucrative cattle drives as well as a homesteading destination for pioneers from the eastern states. Today, Oklahoma is a major supplier of natural gas, oil and wheat.

Precious Metal and Coin Dealers Near Me

If you seek a reputable local wholesaler near you where you might make purchases in person, allow APMEX to be of service. Browse our list of wholesale dealers who may be able to assist you:

Marc Langston Rare Coins

P.O. Box 1822
Mannford, OK 74044

Rare U.S. coin dealer since 1976 specializing in Indian Head Cents as well as a diversified stock of silver bullion. Member ANA and Charter member of ONA. We buy, sell and trade all U.S. coins. Visit us on our website at for special pricing and monthly auctions.

Polar Bear Pours, LLC

PO Box 45726
Oklahoma City, OK 73145

We are a small veteran-owned business operating out of Oklahoma City OK. We offer a wide variety of classic hand poured silver bullion.

Local City Information

    • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Local Directory

Oklahoma City, the largest city in the Great Plains state of Oklahoma, is situated in a picturesque landscape of prairies and hills. Historically speaking, Oklahoma City was a destination for westward settlers and pioneers. Now, Oklahoma is home to one of the world’s largest livestock markets, and also has considerable oil and natural gas industries in the area. Such a large city boasts a good selection of Precious Metals dealers and coin shops, too.

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