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Tennessee, in the Southeastern United States, played a pivotal role in the birth of rock and roll, blues, and country music. Both Nashville and Memphis, the state’s largest cities, are beloved musical capitals for fans of all stripes. Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland, is located in Memphis, along with the famous Sun Studios where he first recorded. Nashville boasts both the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Bullion Sales Tax in Tennessee

In Tennessee, sales tax is collected on collectible coins, paper currency, and Precious Metals. The state sales tax is 7% at this time, and local taxes are added to that in many areas ( The state of Tennessee recently issued Opinion No. 12-110, to clarify the taxation rules regarding precious metals ( Under the law, coins traded for their collectible value or for their intrinsic Precious Metal value are subject to sales tax.

While these taxes may seem high, there are a number of respected Tennessee coin dealers serving local collectors.

Precious Metal and Coin Dealers Near Me

If you seek a reputable local wholesaler in Tennessee where you might make purchases in person, allow APMEX to be of service. Browse our list of wholesale dealers who may be able to assist you:

Thank you for joining APMEX in supporting local wholesalers. We believe that personal relationships are an important part of the Precious Metals industry, and while we hope to be your trusted retailer, we encourage you to reach out to local companies, too. Local experts in the Precious Metals industry may be a valuable source of information and friendship as you continue down your path of investing and collecting.

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Nashville, the capitol of Tennessee, is nicknamed “Music City” for good reason. Its role as the heart of the country music industry is an inescapable part of its history and culture. Nashville is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the world-renowned Grand Ole Opry, along with a host of other music-related attractions. Whether you seek an elusive numismatic piece for your rare coin collection or are looking to make a serious Precious Metals investment, there are a number of Nashville coin dealers ready to assist you.

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