The Lone Star state boasts scores of well-respected coin shops, and San Antonio certainly has its fair share. With numerous exceptional Precious Metal and coin dealers, San Antonio coin shops are routinely sought by high-end investors and rare coin collectors alike. While most people think of San Antonio merely as the home of the Alamo, we are thrilled to share this lesser-known and very exciting quality of San Antonio.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers Near You in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is home to many respected Precious Metal wholesalers to assist you, including:

Texas Gold and Silver Buyers

3435 Thousand Oaks Dr.

Suite 107
San Antonio, TX 78247

We are a family locally owned and operated Precious Metals Buyer in San Antonio, Texas. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the Precious Metals Industry and pledge a honest, transparent, and hassle-free experience for our Customers looking to sell their Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. We are committed to providing our Customers the Gold Standard in Customer Service. Texas Gold and Silver Buyers pay TOP DOLLAR for ALL Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Texas Gold and Silver Buyers exclusively uses the Olympus Gold Xpert X-ray to get a fair and honest evaluation of your precious metal items. This allows us to NOT destructively test your jewelry and precious metal items. Most places will want to scratch, file and place destructive acids on your items to test them for precious metal content, NOT US! The Gold Xpert XRF X-Ray also allows us to give you a near exact determination of what content your items have of Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, etc.) providing an accurate and honest assay (test) of your Precious Metals. WE PLEDGE TOP DOLLAR PAID! Come check us out or give us a call today and get a free, no pressure assay and quote before visiting elsewhere.

Harrys' Coins and Jewelry

6731 Bandera Rd.
San Antnio, TX 78238

Buying and selling US and Foreign coins, paper money, bullion and certified coins.

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