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2019 Gold and Silver Swans

Continue the Legacy with 2019 Silver and Gold Swans

In 2019, The Perth Mint introduced their third release in the wildly popular Swan Series, celebrating the iconic creature known around the world that has stood as the mint’s logo for centuries.

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2019 Perth Silver Swan

The Third Exclusive Swan Design

Exquisitely crafted, this third Swan release builds on the success of the first Silver Swan launched in 2017. The elegant design features a swan swimming gracefully with a cygnet as a second swan lingers in the background. As with previous releases in the Swan Series, each of these third designs will have limited mintages, with 25,000 Silver coins and just 5,000 Gold coins being produced.

Founded in 1829 on the shores of the Swan River, the original colony of Perth was in fact called Swan River Colony. Perth grew rapidly in the late 19th century thanks to its rich deposits of natural resources such as oil, gas and perhaps most of all, Gold. From its origins, The Perth Mint is in many ways personified by the swan, a regal waterfowl that appears on the flag of Western Australia and symbolizes timelessness, elegance and beauty, much like the standard of coins, like the Swan Series, produced by The Perth Mint itself.

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2018 High Relief Silver Swan
Sold Out in 24 Hours

Since the introduction of the Swan Series, there have been a variety of designs, metals and finishes created. Near the end of 2018, The Perth Mint released the first-ever 5 oz High Relief Silver Swan, expanding the line of 2018 Swans. This addition contains The Perth Mint’s high purity .9999 fine Silver. This coin, however, is nearly four times as thick as the normal 1 oz Silver Swan coins. As with other Swan Series releases, this issue had a limited mintage, with The Perth Mint producing just 500 coins, which sold out less than 24 hours after it launched.

This larger size showcases the unique second design in even more detail than before, making the mint's recognizable icon truly come to life. Each 2018 5 oz High Relief Silver Swan coin comes in a plastic capsule and a Perth Mint display case and ships with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

2018 High-Relief Swan Sold Out
2018 Perth Silver Swan

Expanding the Swan Family for 2018

After the immediate success of the first Silver Swan, and extremely popular follow-up Proof Silver and Gold releases, customers worldwide waited in anticipation for the series to continue. In early 2018, the wait was over and the second Swan Series design was released - this time with all three options available at once.

The second release in the stunning Swan Series exhibits a lovely design showcasing an adult swan with a baby swan. Similar to the first release, this design features an effect of rippling waters, giving the coin a lifelike quality. Available in Silver, Proof Silver and Gold versions, this second issue is an ideal purchase whether you are adding to an existing Swan Series collection or just starting your own.

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The First Release Makes a Lasting Impression

The first 1 oz Silver Swan coin launched April 3, 2017, and sold out worldwide in less than two days. The coin's .9999 fine Silver content and low mintage of just 25,000 coins created the perfect combination of bullion and collectible appeal.

The coin’s low mintage and high Silver content made the Silver Swan comparable to two other highly popular Perth Mint series: The Silver Koala and the Silver Kookaburra. All three series feature yearly changing designs of iconic Australian animals and continue The Perth Mint’s history of exceptional production standards.

With many limited mintage series, such as the Koala and Kookaburra, around 3-5 years after the original release, the premium of a particular coin may increase due to limited availability or various other factors. The Swan Series is expected to follow in the footsteps of these long-standing series.

As The Perth Mint noticed the immediate popularity, a 1 oz Proof Silver coin and a 1 oz Gold coin followed in October 2017, with mintages of just 2,500 and 5,000 respectively. These issues gave a new look to the exceptional design, again in .9999 fine Silver and for the first time in .9999 fine Gold. Shop the entire first release today.

2017 Gold and Silver Perth Swans
2019 Perth Silver Swan First Day of Issue

Certification Adds Appeal

The Perth Mint Swan Series – in Silver, Proof Silver and Gold – carries its own investor and collector appeal. Each coin combines .9999 fine Silver or .9999 fine Gold content with a unique design and the quality craftsmanship that Perth Mint is known for. As with any bullion coin, adding third-party certification from such reputable places as PCGS and NGC add immense collectible value. Each issue of The Perth Mint Swan Series is available from APMEX graded by PCGS or NGC, providing authentication of the coin’s condition and also added protection for the coin while on display or in storage.

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Since 2017, The Perth Mint has introduced two unique swan designs in a range of finishes, with many made available graded by either PCGS or NGC. However, nearly all of the existing releases have completely sold out. With limited mintages of each design, no more will be made, making each release very special to collectors. See the full detail of the 2018 Silver Swan and buy yours today before while supplies last. Or shop the newest releases to add to or even start your own Swan Series collection.

Perth Mint Swan Series

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