U.S. Mint Releases New Coin Sets, Announces Increase in Silver Purity

US Mint and Proof Sets

While the United States Mint is known around the world for their exceptional bullion series such as the Gold and Silver American Eagles, many U.S. collectors can also thank the mint for an early introduction to coins. U.S. Commemorative coins and Silver Proof sets are often given as gifts to young children, beginning a lifelong journey into coin collection and numismatics.

U.S. Mint sets are some of the best-selling numismatic products of all time, helping establish the nation’s government as one of the largest coin dealers in the world. Similarly, Silver Proof sets are extremely popular and can fit into most budgets. Struck specifically for collectors and investors, Proof sets contain coins with unique finishes that differentiate them from coins made for circulation.

While the newest versions of U.S. Mint collectible coins are exciting enough on their own, this year comes with another exciting announcement. Beginning in 2019, all numismatic Silver coins, including dimes, quarters, half dollars and commemorative dollars, will now contain  .999 fine Silver as opposed to the typical 90% purity seen in these products.

The mix of 90% Silver and 10% Copper was used on circulating U.S. coinage as early as the 1800s and carried over to modern commemoratives in 1982 and Silver Proof sets in 1992. The increase in purity, which was seen on the 2019 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Dollars, is expected to not only add to the appeal for existing collectors but should also attract new buyers to these always beautiful designs.

From Proof Silver ATB Quarters to the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set expected this fall, join APMEX in celebrating this exciting announcement from the U.S. Mint and see how both investors and collectors can grow their holdings with .999 fine Silver.

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