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Price Forecasts for Silver and Gold

Price forecasting is the science, and art, of using historical data on a given product to predict the upcoming movements and long-term trends of the market. The Silver price forecast and the Gold price forecast are what experts determine the market trends for those Precious Metals might be based on the study of their historical fluctuations and growth. Predicting the intricate fluctuations of the Silver market and the Gold market, with their many political and economic influences, is best left to learned experts. However, even beginning investors can understand the basics well enough to help them make good buying decisions.

APMEX offers an easy-to-read historical Gold price chart and Silver price chart for our clients’ use. You can review prices from a time period as minute as the last month or as sweeping as the last 30 years. A layperson with a good eye can see spikes in times of economic uncertainty and periods of peaceful slow growth. Perhaps the most interesting fact a casual observer can glean from the historical price charts of Gold and Silver is their long-term growth. An investor who is willing to put a lifetime into their holdings, or perhaps even two or three lifetimes into building real family wealth, is likely to realize considerable growth if they bought in an opportune market.

The Silver price forecasts and Gold price forecasts as determined by experts are easily searchable and make for straightforward reading. We at APMEX encourage investors who wish to learn more about these price forecasts to read the work of several experts in the field to decide which analyst speaks to their needs and investing style.

What is the Gold price forecast?

At this time, conservative experts say to look for a bull market in Gold. They believe the federal capping of interest rate hikes will push the Gold price updward.

What is the Silver price forecast?

Currently, the Silver price forecast is bullish. Precious Metals experts believe Silver is undervalued at this time. Combined with low overall interest rates and peak stock market performance, that undervalued state should cause Silver prices to rise in the coming year or so.

What is the Platinum price forecast?

Experts predict a bull market for Platinum in the coming years. A vibrant demand in fine jewelry and investing is combining with great demand from the automotive industry to raise Platinum prices.

What is the Palladium price forecast?

Experts are forecasting considerable growth in the Palladium market. Mining stoppages are lessening supply even as demand for Palladium grows due to its many industrial applications.

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