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2008-W 1 oz Gold Buffalo MS-70 NGC

2008-W 1 oz Gold Buffalo MS-70 NGC

These low mintage Gold Buffalos display the West Point Mint's "W" mintmark and are presented with a special burnished finish. Additionally, each of these has been guaranteed a perfect MS-70 by NGC, one of the top two coin grading services.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Gold.
  • NGC encapsulation guarantees and protects the perfect 70 condition of the coin.
  • Obverse: Showcases a rendition of James Earle Fraser's acclaimed "Buffalo Nickel" design of an American Indian in profile that was originally minted in 1913.
  • Reverse: Depicts an American buffalo, which is a visual representation of the bison named Black Diamond who, in the early 1900s, lived in the Central Park Zoo in New York City.
  • Sovereign coin backed by the U.S. government.

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The U.S. Gold Buffalo is one of the world's favorite Gold bullion products. Purchase America's premier Gold coin today!

The history of American Buffalo Gold coins

Investment in American Buffalo 2008 Gold coins recognizes that commerce around the world for centuries was based on the Gold Standard, meaning a currency could be traded for its value in Gold. The first U.S. Gold coin was the Eagle in 1792, when the U.S. dollar value was fixed to the value of 24.75 grains of Gold. Gold coin prices would affect the value of the dollar, so the U.S. would go off the Gold Standard when it needed greater monetary flexibility, such as during the Civil War. These 1 oz Gold coins now have a face value of $50, but the U.S. went off the Gold Standard in 1971 so the actual value of those coins varies with the Gold spot price, which is much higher than the face value.

Why invest in 2008 American Buffalo Gold coins?

You can buy 2008 Gold coins, like the Gold Buffalo coin, because in 1986 the U.S. Treasury began selling Gold coins to the U.S. public for the first time in more than 50 years. The first 1 oz Gold coins were the American Eagles, followed by the Gold Buffalo in 2006. This U.S. Gold coin, which is made of finer Gold than the American Eagle, quickly became a hit, a popular choice for investors and collectors. Gold coin prices have climbed as people have turned to U.S. Gold bullion as a time-tested investment in an uncertain economic climate.

Choices among 1 oz Gold coins means you can find an investment that fits your needs.

The 2008 Gold Buffalo coins are one of the best ways to invest in Gold. With these 1 oz Gold coins, you receive Gold that is convenient to store and easy to buy and sell. A U.S. Gold coin has the full backing of the U.S. government, and the coin has its weight and quality stamped on it, making it easier to sell if needed. As a result, Gold coins are seen by many as having intrinsic value even as economies falter, making them a mainstay in many investment portfolios.

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