Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1964)

Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1964)

Immediately upon introduction in 1946, Roosevelt Dimes were a hit with post-WWII America. Today, they are mostly valued for their 90% Silver content, but those in pristine condition are certainly collectible. Because of their place in recent history, collectors have the luxury of being extremely discerning about the condition of coins they include in their collections.

Millions and millions of these dimes have been collected and preserved, but just a tiny fraction of those coins have been preserved in excellent condition. These few, special coins are coveted by numismatists.

Determining Values

The premium attached to a specific Roosevelt Dime depends completely upon the dealer and condition. Generally speaking though, these coins are affordable for any collector simply because there are still so many to choose from. On the open market, you can expect to find beautiful examples in absolutely pristine condition for around $4, though you can find very nice specimens for about $1.

Certain editions of the coin command higher premiums when discovered in excellent condition, but the $1-$4 price range is a good rule of thumb. These prices are generally accessible to all collectors, but, proportionate to the ten-cent face value of the coin, a $3 asking price shows excellent growth.

Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1964)

Highly Sought After

Most collectors are happy to casually purchase these coins in excellent condition. In terms of professionally graded coins, Uncirculated pieces are most desired by collectors. Dimes that went from the mint to careful storage are sought after due to their pristine beauty and luster. The look of a recently minted coin on a vintage piece makes these extremely alluring to collectors. When closely viewing these coins, you will notice all of the coin’s raised imagery and inscriptions are perfectly intact, with crisp detail and sharp lines.

By closely analyzing the surfaces of a given coin, you are able to determine a rough grade. If the coin in question shines lustrously and bears sharp detail, it could possibly be an Uncirculated piece. The only way to know the grade of a coin for sure is to have it expertly graded by coin professionals at a reputable company, but a keen-eyed layperson can certainly judge whether a coin is in good enough condition to merit professional examination.


Potential Future Values

It is not possible to predict the precise value of a Roosevelt Dime on a given day in the future. What experts do know, however, is that each year more Roosevelt Dimes are lost to melting, collecting, Silver stacking and simple disappearance, even as the Silver spot price experiences slow and steady long-term growth. There will never be a better time than right now for you to acquire a well-preserved Roosevelt Dime. Ten or 20 years from now, they could be serious collectors’ items. The 1946 and 1964 editions are key dates in the series. 

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