Seated Liberty Quarters (1838-1891)

Seated Liberty Quarters (1838-1891)

Quarter-dollar coins have played a major part in the circulating coinage of the United States since the earliest days of our nation. The United States Mint has produced numerous types of quarters throughout its history, but the Seated Liberty is certainly among the most popular quarters ever made. Minted from 1838 nearly to the dawn of the 20th century, the Seated Liberty Quarter was in circulation during some of the tensest, most significant points in American history.

Nearly every type of Seated Liberty is valuable to collectors, but there are special edition and rare versions that really pique their interest. If you are able to find a rarer coin in excellent condition, the value of the coin could reach four figures or more. For those who wish to assemble a complete collection of quarters, you cannot do so without the Seated Liberty.

Value of a Seated Liberty

As with any coins of its age, the value of a Seated Liberty Quarter is individual to each coin. Details to consider include not only its mintage year, but also its condition. Further, one must note any special markings that may set the coin apart from others. Generally, Seated Liberties have starting prices range around $20.

This, of course, depends heavily on scarcity and condition of the coin. Besides the condition and year, it is important to pay attention to the type of Seated Liberty. Because multiple types of these coins were minted most years, you will find that two coins minted the same year can have dramatically different price points.

Seated Liberty Quarter (1838-1891)

The Most Desirable Seated Liberty Quarters

Determining which Seated Liberties are the most desirable to collectors is no easy task. From the outside, the wide variation in popularity and cost among these coins that seem to be quite similar can seem arbitrary and inscrutable. With regard to Seated Liberties, however, the difference in price points among coins of the same date will most often be due to the type of coin you own.

While the 1877 Seated Liberty may sell for less than $20 in Poor condition, the “CC” Seated Liberty from the same year is valued around $30 in the same condition. Condition means a great deal to collectors, who naturally want the best specimens for their collections. However, the oldest coins may garner great interest even in poorer condition.


Seated Liberty Quarter Values

No one can predict what the precise value of any coin may be some years in the future, but when it comes to the Seated Liberties, it is a fair bet that their value will rise over the long term. These coins are becoming increasingly difficult to find, and that is something that will inevitably inflate the asking price. Moreover, the longer you wait to purchase, the more difficulty you have locating a well-preserved coin. Because of these coins’ extreme age, now is the best time to act if you want to purchase an affordable coin.

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