Storing and Protecting Precious Metals

Precious Metals buyers have options when it comes to storing their valuable items, but there a few factors to consider before settling on a final storage method.

The most common and popular method is secretive storage. It’s simple, inexpensive and keeps a small collection of investment bullion close at hand. Simply select a secure hiding place in your home and stash your bullion there. This is the easiest method, but it is the least secure. Hiding your Gold or Silver might conceal it in the event your home is burglarized, but it doesn’t offer any security at all from damage or loss in the event of a disaster, such as a house fire. If you do want to keep a small stash of bullion close at hand, be sure to think of an unlikely place to hide it.

Safes provide a way to keep your Precious Metals close at hand in your own home but with greater security than simply hiding them. Further safes can be securely bolted to the floor or just flat-out too heavy to move making them difficult to steal whole. Safes also offer some protection against potential damages incurred by floods, fire or other natural disasters.

By turning to a third-party storage facility, customers relieve themselves from the responsibility or concerns attendant to guarding their valuables personally. Banks provide impeccable security both internally and externally, so one’s Precious Metals are faultlessly protected.

There are two ways to store your valuables with a bank. You may opt for safety deposit box or the bank vault. Safety deposit boxes are reserved for a single client’s private use and are available to rent in a variety of sizes depending upon the items being stored. For clients who don’t mind storing their possessions alongside those of other people, bank vaults are an ideal place to store larger investment products.

Precious Metal depositories offer several advantages in terms of storing and securing your Precious Metal assets. Not only do they provide plenty of space if you have larger collection, but their climate- and moisture-controlled facilities ensure that your Precious Metals are safeguarded against environmental damage.

The most appealing quality of depository storage, though, is the scrupulous level of security. Precious Metals depositories are highly guarded sites that operate under constant surveillance. Entrance into their facilities is usually restricted and all activities within the depository are closely monitored and recorded. In view of such extensive security measures, clients can rest assured that their valuables are in safe and capable hands designed specifically to meet the needs of the Precious Metals investor.

Services like Citadel, a wholly owned subsidiary of APMEX, provide security provided by the worldwide leader in security, Brink’s. Citadel offers an excellent storage option to clients who desire security, transparency, accessibility and insurance for their investments.

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