Sunshine Mint: Custom Minting

Sunshine Minting, Inc. offers custom-minted products designed to its customers’ specifications. This process often includes working start to finish with the development of the design as well as the creation of the product. APMEX orders custom products available for purchase on our site, including many APMEX-branded products, which are created through this custom minting process. This variety of services and products is due to Sunshine Minting’s special attention to bringing its products and services into the forefront of the age of technological revolution.

Sunshine Minting, Inc. offers a wide range of in-house capabilities. These include:

  • Live customer services
  • Art and design developments
  • A tool and die shop
  • Assay laboratory and quality assurance
  • Melting and continuous casting
  • Extruding
  • Precious Metal alloying
  • Rolling
  • Annealing
  • Blanking and coining
  • Colorizing
  • Gold plating
  • Edge lettering and serial numbering

Sunshine Silver and Sunshine Gold are some of the most widely recognized and distributed products in the world. In fact, their Gold and Silver bullion products qualify for IRA investments in the United States as their products are guaranteed for weight and fineness. Sizes range from 1 gram to 100 oz bars and each has an innovative MintMark SI™ security feature.

MintMark SI™ is an exclusive Scrambled Indicia security feature for all Sunshine Minting, Inc. bullion products. It is a micro-engraving that is only visible by placing the MintMark SI™ decoding lens over the security pad.

Sunshine Minting, Inc. also offers COINWISE, the first technology for minted products that interacts with Android and iOS mobile devices. By offering interactive products, Sunshine Minting allows its customers to market directly to their clients through a unique channel. It is truly a technology for the new millennium. Unlike QR Codes or matrix bar codes, SMI COINWISE technology is completely embedded in the colorized artwork. It cannot be detected by the naked eye and therefore is extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Since its founding in 1979, Sunshine Minting has grown into a full-service minting facility with locations around the world. These include:

- Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Corporate headquarters and the Sunshine Minting flagship operation
- Las Vegas, Nevada - New location commissioned 2013
- China - Putuo District, Shanghai - Commissioned 2011

Its reputation for quality, technological innovation and customer-centric services have helped Sunshine Minting, Inc. redefine the global standards for what a mint should be and the products it should offer.

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