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At APMEX, we make markets in over 10,000 products, so there’s a very good chance we’ll buy any Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium product you want to sell. And in many ways, selling to APMEX is like buying from us. The people in our purchasing department are helpful and friendly. We strive to authenticate products as soon as they arrive and will release payment quickly. So if you have a product you want to sell, you don’t have to look for a buyer. You’ve found one right here. Here’s a list of the Top Products We’re Buying right now.

How it works

Open Account to Sell Gold Online If you don't have one, open a free account or call us at (800) 375-9006 and press 2 for a purchasing agent.
Call and get Gold selling price and Silver selling price locked. Prices are locked in when you make your sale. You’ll receive a confirmation email right away.
Where you sell gold and silver and Ship to APMEX Follow the shipping instructions within the confirmation email. Be sure to include a printout of the email in the package.
Sell Gold Online and Receive Payment Once your shipment is received and your products are verified, we will release your payment.

Sell to APMEX (3:10)

Did you know that APMEX is one of the country’s largest buyers of Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals? We pay fair, market-driven prices for any product that we can inspect and authenticate, with no hidden fees on top of what is shown on our website. Payments are typically released within 1 to 3 business days upon arrival of your products, providing a fast, easy process for you. Here’s how to reach our purchasing department, lock your price and get paid.

How to Sell Silver, Gold and Other Precious Metals

Choose how you get paid

When your shipment arrives, your products will be unpacked and authenticated in a secure vault. Assuming no discrepancies in the quality or quantity of your products, payment is released in 1 to 3 business days. You can choose how you want to be paid.

Payment chart for selling Silver coins and selling Gold online

When you sell to us, our minimum purchase amount is $1,000 USD. Have more questions? View our FAQs.

Sell Gold and Silver buying Price

How much is my product worth?

You can see “APMEX Buy Prices” for our most popular products in many places on this website. They’re right below the item on the listing pages and to the right of the item on products. Our Top 40 will show you what we’re in the market for now. Please note that these “APMEX Buy Prices” are for total sales of $10,000 or more. For smaller sales, the “Buy” price will be lower. When you sell to us, our minimum purchase amount is $1,000 USD.

Selling Gold Online through APMEX

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