1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 20-Coin Bank Wrapped Roll BU

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 20-Coin Bank Wrapped Roll BU

Occasionally we get large lots of Brilliant Uncirculated 90% Silver coins in original bank rolls. This is a great opportunity to buy rolls of 90% Silver in the original, unopened, unsearched bank wrappers from more than 50 years ago! Be assured that all coins in this listing will be dated 1964-P or 1964-D (our choice of mintmarks). No exceptions!

Product Highlights:

  • Approximately 7.23 oz of 90% Silver.
  • Coins are packaged in a tightly sealed original roll.
  • Obverse: Gilroy Roberts' image of John F. Kennedy with the date below.
  • Reverse: The Great Seal of the United States with the face value below and "United States of America" above.
  • All coins are dated 1964 from the 'P' Philadelphia Mint or 'D' Denver Mint.
  • Sovereign coins backed by the U.S. government.

Handle your roll of half dollars with care by adding these cotton gloves to your order.

These rolls are a great way to add Silver to any investment portfolio. Add several rolls of 90% Silver Kennedy Halves to your cart today!

Mintmarks will be of our choosing, determined by stock on hand. Additionally, coins may be bright white or feature some toning.

Pre-1965 90% Silver coins, sometimes referred to as junk Silver or scrap Silver, are a great way to start your Silver investments. These Silver coins were pulled from circulation with the introduction of copper/nickel clad coins and the rising demand of Silver. The public saved them for their 90% Silver content as a rainy day fund they can fall back on.

Customer Reviews of 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 20-Coin Bank Wrapped Roll BU
1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 20-Coin Bank Wrapped Roll BU
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Average Kennedy's

By  MintErrors.org

from Virginia


I am always hunting for a source of good silver Kennedy half dollars. I seen these rolls and I bought five of them. I received four 1964 and one 1964-D rolls. My concern was the crimping was loose, as if someone cherry picked the rolls and attempted to re-crimp them, which is not hard to do. Most of these are average coins. Just because they come from a Federal Bank does not guarantee that you're going to get winner coins. All the Federal Reserve bank did was empty a big bag of silver Kennedy half dollars and slap them in rolls. All the Kennedy's I received appear to be BU. I'd say out of 100 kennedy's, 80% are close to MS63, 10% are close to a MS64 and MAYBE 10% might make it to MS-65. My hope is that this place does not accept returns from buyers on these rolls. It seems like a few other people have had issues with the appearance of the outer wrapping of the rolls, so there is some questions about the validity of these being a true crimped roll from the Federal Reserve. Out of 100 Kennedy's, on the first pass I probably have 10-12 or so that are in pristine condition in which I would consider sending off to get graded. Kennedy's that can achieve a grade of MS65 or higher are very scarce, and it does not look like I will get any that are MS-66 or higher. I MIGHT have a few that might grade a MS65 on a good day, but I think most will be a high end MS64 or so. I bought these for resale, with the potential that these might look a bit better than generic rolls. Bottom line is that most of these are what you can find on cheaper priced rolls, especially if there is an issue in regards to being a true crimped Federal Reserve roll or if they were returns or opened buy the original owner and re-crimped. Sure, you might be able to pull a roll of winners, but its simply cheaper to buy a few already slabbed and graded Kennedy's than to purchase multiple rolls. Your luck and experience may differ. In the end its up to the buyer to determine if they want to take a chance on these rolls.

Nice piece of history in original bank

By  John

from Georgia U.S.A.


Great piece of numismatic history in original bank wrap. With 2014 being the 50th anniversary of Kennedy half dollars you can't go worng.


  • Mint Condition


  • None

mainly just a novelty

By  Money Collector

from California


These are great rolls to have. But the beauty of buying them is that they are old original bank rolls. If you open them, you destroy the premium you paid for the old bank roll paper. I guess if you eventually sell them...and sell them to APMEX, you are OK. But if you sell them on other sites...a guy can open them and say they are not mint state or other. So why pay the premium for an "unopened old original roll?" You really cannot tell what's inside unless you destroy the paper. After buying 4 of these, I rethought and would rather buy the UNC generic rolls for less money as you won't be out anything by breaking out the coins. But still a great "timepiece" novelty of you want that.


  • Mint Condition
  • Easy to Sell
  • Collectible (lower mintage)
  • Attractive Design


By  Mark

from Boston


Unlike the OBW dimes APMEX sent me that were great, fully crimped rolls sealed in plastic, the roll of half dollars was of inferior quality. First and foremost the roll had been taped shut as if someone had opened it in the past. The paper on the roll was practically coming off. Also I did not open it but the coins on the end did not seem BU. But that could be because they were end coins. The OBW dimes are sold out which is too bad because those were authentic unsearched bank rolls. These on the other hand are not worth paying the premium.


  • Collectible (lower mintage)


  • Poor Condition

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