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Wide Range of APMEXclusive® Products that Diversify any Portfolio

Collectors and investors are sure to find something that will look great in their collection or portfolio. Whether you are looking for government-backed mint products or high quality Silver at great prices, APMEX carries it. With a large range of items from which to choose, collectors can find a variety of products to fit virtually any budget and investment strategy.

Government Backed Mints

Sovereign mints offer greatly valued coins and bars at great prices. The savings become abundant through APMEX. Some APMEXclusive® popular bullion includes the uniquely sized 2016 Canada 3/4 oz Silver Howling Wolves, part of the new and popular Grey Wolf series. The Canadian Silver Wolves also come in a sealed box of 600 Silver coins. Buyers and investors also have the option to invest in the First Release 2016 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Year of the Monkey Proof, one of the most popular coins today. Investors are sure to find coins and bars that will fit into their investment strategy. With savings and tremendous value added to these coins, there are plenty from which to choose that will diversify any portfolio.

Gold and Silver Mexican coins are also available along with Australian Mint Silver coins. It will become evident why sovereign mints from around the world ask APMEX to be exclusive sellers of their products. World sovereign mints produce some of the finest Precious Metals bullion today, but some of them are only exclusive to APMEX. You can own one today!

Scottsdale Mint and Bible Coin Series

More APMEXclusive® brands include the Biblical coin series produced by the Scottsdale Mint. These beautiful Silver rounds are one of a kind, produced by Scottsdale. Each round in this collection has a high relief rimless design. Unique to these coins, it is an APMEXclusive® that can't be missed. The Biblical series coins tell different stories found throughout the Bible including the crucifixion of Christ to Daniel in the Lion's Den.

More APMEXclusive® coins from the Scottsdale Mint are the Viking series. These unique Silver rounds display gods, kings and warriors that pay respect to a long and historical Viking culture. These brands are popular with collectors and investors alike because of the unique designs and high quality associated with each round. These are great buys from a private mint that takes pride in producing high quality products.


MintDirect® is a proprietary process that ensures your coin is never touched, unsealed, or tampered with before reaching your hands. This unique process ensures your purchase is unadulterated, giving you the assurance that your bullion is in exactly the same condition as it left the mint. These highly sought-after MintDirect® coins come to you in pristine condition. APMEXclusive® products look great in any collection, adding certain value with MintDirect® Silver coins.

Unique APMEX Silver Bullet Bullion

For those who like to collect uniquely-shaped bullion, APMEX carries a wide range of Silver bullets for sale that are exclusive to APMEX. Not to be fired off in a real weapon, these Silver bullets are finely crafted and look good in any Precious Metals collection. Various Silver bullet sizes are available from .45 caliber to 30 mm cannon rounds. You don't have to be a gun lover to appreciate and own these Silver bullets.

APMEXclusive® products come in a variety of designs, Precious Metals, and sizes giving investors and collectors several options to choose from. Buy APMEXclusive® products today!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide all of our customers with a refund, return and / or exchange on everything we sell including all bullion and certified coins. If for any reason, you have a problem, please feel free to call us. We will always do our best to accommodate you.

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