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Collecting Silver Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins and Silver Proof sets have been popular among collectors for thousands of years, still made by many nations today. When it comes to commemorative coins, the United States is unsurpassed by any nation. Adding a Silver limited issue coin or Silver medal from the United States will quickly add value and history to your Precious Metals portfolio. Each year, the U.S. Mint produces a limited number of new coins designs honoring important people, places and events in American history. Between the finite supply of each series and the icons pictured, the value of these coins tends to be higher and grows over time. Track the price of an ounce of Silver today and other Precious Metals with APMEX.
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What Are Coin Anniversary Sets?

What Are Coin Anniversary Sets?

Differences in Numismatic Coin Sets

Differences in Numismatic Coin Sets

What is a Proof Coin?

What is a Proof Coin?

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Buying Precious Metals doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether you are making a long-term investment or simply admire the beauty of Precious Metals, APMEX provides the tools to help you make the best choice for your portfolio.

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