The History of the Fortuna Design

The Lady Fortuna™ design on PAMP gold bars, introduced in 1979, serves as an enduring symbol of quality and authenticity, with a proof-like finish that sets an industry benchmark. This meticulously crafted motif, featuring the Roman goddess of prosperity with her mythical attributes, showcases PAMP's unique blend of tradition and innovation. The Lady Fortuna™ design epitomizes PAMP's dedication to excellence in all endeavors, underscoring their commitment to art and quality, making PAMP a trusted and distinctive name in the industry.

PAMP’s Sustainability & Innovation


PAMP's gold bars are at the forefront of security and transparency with VERISCAN™ technology, introduced in 2015. This blockchain-based system allows customers to trace the product's history down to the individual level, while also seamlessly integrating with VERISCAN™ bullion security authentication. This advanced scanning technology identifies each product's unique 'surface profile,' ensuring authenticity by comparing it with digital records captured during production. This innovative approach, coupled with the backing of a leader in blockchain solutions, enhances trust and security for PAMP's precious metal offerings.

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PAMP's dedication to sustainability is a guiding principle, influencing all company actions. In a groundbreaking industry move, PAMP introduced Carbon Neutral precious metals certified by the Carbon Trust in July 2022. Purpose drives PAMP to maximize shareholder value, provide meaningful work, and make a positive impact. Trust plays a pivotal role in the company’s approach, placing a strong emphasis on supply chain transparency, which allows better oversight of clients and suppliers to set ambitious value-creation goals. PAMP takes responsibility seriously and partners with organizations that prioritize ESG initiatives, reinforcing a commitment to sustainability.

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The History of MKS PAMP

Founded in 1979 by Mahmoud Kassem Shakarchi in Geneva, MKS PAMP emerged as a key player in the precious metals industry. Following Mahmoud's passing in 1983, his children, Karma and Marwan, took the helm and set a clear mission to become the industry leader worldwide. Their journey began with an expansion into Asia, capitalizing on emerging local markets, and in 1998, MKS PAMP opened its first overseas office in Australia, marking the start of its global presence. Through unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, MKS PAMP has thrived in precious metals and etched a remarkable legacy in the industry.

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PAMP Production Technology

The PAMP Mint has a prestigious in-house design tradition, which it expands by using employee ideas for new designs. In this way, PAMP keeps its brand fresh without compromising its classic aesthetic. PAMP Suisse is a master in the art of Precious Metal transformation.

PAMP Mint physical production capabilities include:

  • A range of Platinum, Silver and Gold bars of all shapes, weights and designs
  • Semi-finished Precious Metals products for the jewelry industries
  • Customized products as well as Precious Metals coins, blanks and bullion bars for financial institutions and government mints
  • Commemorative coins and medals
  • Precious Metal refining

In addition to their production capabilities, PAMP also offers its clients the implementation and support of a full IT solution for the automated retailing of PAMP’s complete product range, their bullion products in particular.

The PAMP production process encompasses the initial mining of Precious Metals, then assaying to assess quality, followed by refining the Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium, and finally scanning each product into the Veriscan® database.

More than 30 years of experience has helped PAMP shape its products and services. Not only do their bars hold a high value worldwide, their services and business operations have become well-established industry standards.

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