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Silver Bars

Silver Bars

Bars of Silver have the potential to increase in value even as other investments falter.

With so many distinctive products available at APMEX, you may find it hard to decide which Silver bullion bars to add to your collection or give as gifts. From 1 oz Silver to 10 oz Silver bars, you will find we have bars sorted by theme, brand and weight to make the selection process easy. The 5 oz bars and other varying weights are further differentiated by type: hand-poured or pressed. You will discover the price varies by manufacturer and style of bar, so factor that into your purchase.

Where to buy cheap bars of Silver?

Browse 1 oz Silver bars by theme and you will find an array of attractive bars for many different occasions. Consider buying 5 oz bars of Silver featuring the zodiac animals from the Chinese lunar calendar when you need a thoughtful gift to celebrate the Chinese New Year, or to give as a special birthday gift. We also have bars printed with the phrase “Happy Birthday” that are ideal for the person who has everything. Though the price of Silver may fluctuate, bars of Silver are the kind of gift that has the potential to increase in value the longer they are held.

Buying Silver bullion online

Many people create Silver bar collections by collecting them from one specific manufacturer. 1 oz bars of Silver and other sizes from Engelhard are popular among collectors. At APMEX you will find both vintage and new bars from this world-renowned mint. Other popular bars are 5 oz Tombstone Silver bullion bars produced by the Scottsdale Mint. Worth more than the price of Silver, these unique bars have a story to tell that revolves around the Wild Wild West and the Tombstone Mine.

Collecting Silver bars

With Silver bar collecting, you can also reveal your sense of whimsy by collecting Silver bullion bars that are not shaped like bars at all. Choose 1 oz Silver bullion shaped like eagle heads, 2 oz Silver bars formed into the bust of Frankenstein, or go all out and select a 5 oz Silver bar that looks like a 3-D Teddy bear. Collectors will also love the new 2017 Cook Islands 2 oz Silver Antique Finish American Buffalo for its uniqueness and rarity. For the price of Silver bullion, these are fun pieces to collect.

Bullion Bars of Silver FAQ

Where can I buy a 10 oz Silver bar?

10 oz bars can be purchased from APMEX, offering buyers a uniquely beautiful investment option. While bullion made from .999 fine Silver can be bought in many different forms and sizes, a 10 oz bar has the benefit of carrying a sizeable value, while still being accessible to transport and store. Many reputable mints from around the world strike high-quality Silver bars, and we sell only the best. One thing that people new to Precious Metals investing seldom realize is that 10 oz bars of Silver bullion are frequently designed with unique imagery inspired by collectible coins. You can buy Silver from any number of retailers, but APMEX is known for selling at competitive market prices, as well as making the transaction hassle free. When you are ready to add a substantial 10 oz Silver bar to your investment portfolio, it is essential to find a seller with a long history of offering only the best products.

How much Precious Metal is in a .999 Silver bar?

A .999 Silver bar is made from 99.9 percent pure Silver bullion. The fineness, or purity, of Silver, is typically represented in three digits. The remaining percentage of the bar is made up of trace elements that cannot be extracted. Depending on the style used by the retailer or publisher, you may see the purity of a Silver bar listed with or without a decimal or percent symbol. This differing punctuation does not change how much Precious Metal is included in the product. Silver that is .999 is only found in bar, rounds, and bullion coins manufactured for investment purposes. This level of purity is not suitable for money intended for circulation because it is too delicate. Some coins struck by the U.S. government many decades ago were made from .900 fine Silver mixed with copper to make them more durable. Jewelry made from Sterling Silver is typically .925 fine, while coin reproductions and novelty statuettes can be made from any combination of Precious and Base metals.

Who buys Silver bars today?

In the marketplace today, bars of Silver are bought by investors who want to hold assets with inherent value. Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver have been used as money by every prosperous economy in the world for thousands of years. You may have seen photographs or video of bars being stored away in large vaults with armed security, and that can still be found today. However, anyone with the money to invest can buy Silver bars today and enjoy the benefits of a diverse portfolio. Silver is beautiful, of course, but it also has industrial value as a standard component in electronic devices. When someone buys a bar of Silver, they own a commodity with a long history of significance and a market value that is recognized by every major financial institution.
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