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2023 Australia 1 oz Gold Swan BU
2023 Australia 1 oz Gold Swan BU
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About The Perth Mint Gold Swans

The Perth Mint Gold Swan is a gold bullion coin produced by the Perth Mint, a government-owned mint in Western Australia. The Gold Swan is part of the Perth Mint's "Australian Swan" series of coins, including a silver bullion coin.

The Perth Mint Gold Swan is available in a range of sizes, including 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz, and is minted in .9999 fine gold. The coins are produced in a limited mintage, which can add to their collectability and potential for appreciation in value.
The Perth Mint's Australian Swan series of coins were first introduced in 2017 and has since become a popular choice for investors and collectors alike. The swan design is unique to the Perth Mint and highlights the natural beauty of Western Australia, which is home to numerous species of swans.

Overall, the Perth Mint Gold Swan is a high-quality gold bullion coin with a unique design that may appeal to collectors and investors looking for something different from traditional gold coins.

About The Design

The Perth Mint Gold Swan features a striking swan design on the coin's reverse. The design is highly detailed and showcases the beauty of this elegant bird.

The swan featured on the coin is based on the Australian Black Swan, native to Western Australia, where the Perth Mint is located. The swan is depicted gliding on the water's surface, with its long neck arched gracefully forward and its wings outstretched. The design is meant to capture the swan's serene and graceful nature and is rendered in intricate detail, making it a stunning coin.
The Perth Mint's "P" mintmark is located just above the swan's head, and the weight and purity of the coin are also included on the reverse side. The obverse side of the coin features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, along with the denomination and year of issue.

History Of Gold Swans

The Perth Mint Gold Swan is a relatively new coin, having been first introduced in 2017 as part of the Perth Mint's "Australian Swan" series. The series was created to highlight the natural beauty of Western Australia and its wildlife, and the swan was chosen as the focus of the design due to its connection to the region.

The first Perth Mint Gold Swan coin featured a single swan swimming on the water's surface, with its reflection visible below. This design was created by the Perth Mint's principal designer, Ing Ing Jong, and was meant to capture the peaceful and serene nature of the swan.

Since then, the Perth Mint has released several other designs featuring the swan, each showcasing the bird in a different pose or setting. For example, some later designs feature multiple swans, while others show the bird in flight.

One thing that makes the Perth Mint Gold Swan unique is its limited mintage. Each year, only a certain number of coins are minted, which can make them more collectible and potentially increase their value over time.
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