Physical Precious Metals have long been a top investment choice around the world. See how APMEX is helping you complement your physical metal holdings with digital investments. With OneGold, you can buy and sell any time, from anywhere, with no need to take immediate physical possession.

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OneGold is the first online marketplace where you can buy, sell, redeem and fully manage your digital Precious Metals. Digital Gold and Silver combine the key benefits of the physical metal with those of blockchain-based digital assets, including an immutable chain of custody of every purchase or sale. APMEX now offers both physical and digital products to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our customers and the evolving investment landscape.

Why Digital?

You may already know that diversifying your investment portfolio with Precious Metals is important, as Gold and Silver act as a hedge against the stock market and unstable world economies. However, digital metals can provide a nice complement as they carry the same benefits of the physical metal with the convenience of a stock or an ETF. Digital Gold and Silver allow you to buy or sell the metal in any quantity, at any time, and you only need to take physical possession when you choose.

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Benefits Of OneGold



OneGold strives to make the entire process as easy as we can. We accept several payment options, provide a quick buying and selling process, and provide you with historical and real-time charting information.



By allowing users to buy Gold or Silver in any quantity and offering low-cost storage options without a minimum to store, we are making it easier for everyone to get involved in Precious Metals investing.



Our AutoInvest program allows you to set up recurring buys at any frequency you'd like. No matter how the market moves, our system will automatically execute a buy on your behalf at the time you specified.

Why OneGold?

OneGold ETF
100% physical metal backing ?
Instant liquidity (24/7 access)
Direct ownership of the metal
Ability to buy in any quantity
Independent ledger verification
AutoInvest with recurring buys
Fully insured

A Partnership You Can Trust

OneGold was formed by two of the world’s most notable names in Precious Metals with trust at its core. This partnership was not accidental, as both APMEX and Sprott sought out partners whose brand stood for integrity, transparency and service. One of our biggest goals is to ensure all our clients are completely comfortable with their decision to do business with OneGold.

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OneGold provides you with a new way of investing in one of the oldest asset classes in the world. Getting started is easy and you can buy, sell, withdraw or redeem on your schedule. Visit the site to see how easy Precious Metals investing can be.

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