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APMEX teamed up with industry leader Sprott, Inc. to launch OneGold, offering the benefits of both physical and digital products in an easy-to-use and secure online marketplace. OneGold is committed to creating the best experience for all levels of Precious Metals ownership.

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OneGold is the result of the knowledge, experience and resources of these two globally recognized leaders in the Precious Metals industry. OneGold customers can rest assured knowing that metals are managed through top vaulting resources and insurance partners to provide the highest levels of security.


Over the last two decades, APMEX has surpassed over $11 billion in total sales and shipped products to more than 60 countries around the world. With an average 4.9 satisfaction rating, they’ve sold more than 385 million ounces of Gold and Silver to 1.1 million customers. APMEX has one of the most extensive online product selections and a dedication to customer satisfaction that time and again brings customers back for the best traditional metals buying experience. As of August 2021, APMEX is the sole owner of OneGold

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Sprott, Inc

Sprott is an alternative asset manager and a global leader in Precious Metal and real-asset investments. Through its subsidiaries in Canada, the U.S. and Asia, Sprott is dedicated to providing investors with world-class investment strategies that include Exchange Listed Products, Alternative Asset Management and Private Resource Investments. The firm also operates Merchant Banking and Brokerage businesses in both the U.S. and Canada. Sprott is based in Toronto with offices in New York, California and Vancouver.

Royal Canadian Mint

As a Crown Corporation of the Government of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint is one of the largest and most-trusted Precious Metal vaults and was an obvious choice for OneGold security.

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