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Silver Lunar Series

Chinese lunar coins, also known as Chinese Zodiac coins, are a series of commemorative coins issued by the Central Mint of China and other countries to celebrate the Chinese zodiac and lunar calendar. The coins we offer include those produced by the MDM Mint, APMEX, The Perth Mint, PAMP Suisse Mint, and The Royal Mint.

The lunar coin series was first introduced by the China Mint in 1981, with the Year of the Rooster being the first animal to be featured. Since then, the mint has issued a new coin each year to correspond with the Chinese zodiac animal of that year. The coins are typically made of precious metals like gold or silver, and they vary in size, weight, and denominations.

What Makes the Silver Lunar Series Different Than Other Coin Series?

One detail you will immediately notice is that these coins and bars feature exceptionally intricate artwork. Some also feature mother-of-pearl inlays, colorization, jade stone, and gold gilding.

Since these silver lunar items are aesthetically exceptional, they are often purchased for artistic or collector's value in addition to their silver content.

The 12 Chinese Lunar Animals

The Chinese Lunar Animals are a significant part of the Chinese Zodiac, also known as Shengxiao. The Chinese Zodiac is a repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year represented by an animal sign. The system is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, so the animals are often referred to as the "Chinese Lunar Animals."

Here are the twelve animals and the characters they represent:

  • Rat: Intelligence, adaptability, quick-wit, charming, artistic, and sociable
  • Ox: Loyalty, reliability, thoroughness, strength, reasonability, steadiness, and determination
  • Tiger: Enthusiasm, courage, ambition, leadership, confidence, and charisma
  • Rabbit: Trustworthy, empathic, modest, diplomatic, sincere, sociable, and caretakers
  • Dragon: Lucky, flexible, eccentric, imaginative, artistic, spiritual, and charismatic
  • Snake: Philosophical, organized, intelligent, intuitive, elegant, attentive, and decisive
  • Horse: Adaptable, loyal, courageous, ambitious, intelligent, adventurous, and strong
  • Goat: Tasteful, crafty, warm, elegant, charming, intuitive, sensitive, and calm
  • Monkey: Quick-witted, charming, lucky, adaptable, bright, versatile, lively, and smart
  • Rooster: Honest, energetic, intelligent, flamboyant, flexible, diverse, and confident
  • Dog: Loyal, sociable, courageous, diligent, steady, lively, adaptable, and smart
  • Pig: Honorable, philanthropic, determined, optimistic, sincere, and sociable

These coins make interesting gifts when matched with the recipient's lunar animal.

The $16K Silver Lunar Coin

The Perth Mint has produced a 321.51-ounce, .999 fine pure silver coin celebrating the Year of the Rabbit. This ten-kilogram coin features two rabbits on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other. The face value of this coin is 300 AU, but its silver value is much more. This coin has a mintage limit of only 100 coins. While this coin may not align with everyone's budget, it is sometimes interesting to see how varied the coin market can be.

Our Most Popular Lunar Coin

In 2023, our most popular lunar coin was our 2023 one-ounce Year of the Rabbit round. We produce this one ounce, .999 fine silver coin in Oklahoma, USA. This coin is popular because it is low priced and can be obtained for as low as $4.29 over the silver spot price.

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