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1780 Austria Maria Theresa Silver Thaler AU/BU
1780 Austria Maria Theresa Silver Thaler AU/BU
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Austrian Mint Commemorative Coins

Austrian Mint Commemorative Coins are a series of coins issued by the Austrian Mint to celebrate significant events, anniversaries, historical figures, and cultural milestones. These coins are not intended for general circulation but are explicitly minted for collectors, investors, and enthusiasts interested in numismatics. However, like most coins their value may fluctuate with the silver market.

Our Most Popular Austrian Mint Commemorative Coin: 2023 Silver €20 The Uncharted Universe: The Neutron Star

The Austrian Mint has sold all 30,000 of these coins. The Neutron Star coin is one of a three-coin series which includes The Black Hole and The Milky Way coins. The last coin in The Uncharted Universe series was designed to represent a neutron star, featuring a semi-sphere in its center that curves inwards on one side and outwards on the other.

Austrian Niobium Coins

Austrian Niobium Coins, also known as Austrian Niob coins, are a series of commemorative coins issued by the Austrian Mint since 2003. These coins are innovative due to their distinctive use of niobium, a rare and fascinating metal, in their design. We offer a few of these beautiful coins including the 2019 Artificial Intelligence, 2018 Anthropocene, and 2022 Global Healing.

Here are some key features of the Austrian Niobium Coins:

  • Niobium Core: The most remarkable feature of these coins is the Niobium core. Niobium is a chemical element with the symbol Nb and atomic number 41. It is a transition metal known for its special properties, including its ability to take on an assortment of colors when exposed to heat. This color-changing characteristic is used to create stunning visual effects on the coin's surface.
  • Two-Tone Design: The coins have a two-tone design, with the outer ring made of a more common metal, such as silver, while the inner core is composed of niobium. When the niobium core is heated during the minting process, it develops a vibrant, iridescent hue that varies from blue to green and other shades, depending on the specific coin.
  • Theme and Designs: Each year, the Austrian Niobium Coin series features a different theme, often highlighting significant scientific, technological, or cultural achievements. The designs are meticulously crafted to reflect the chosen theme, making the coins visually striking and meaningful in their symbolism.
  • Limited Mintage: Austrian Niobium Coins have limited mintage like many commemorative coins. The limited availability contributes to their collectible value, as they become sought after by numismatists and coin enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Legal Tender: Despite their unique characteristics and limited production, these coins are legal tender in Austria, where they are issued. However, due to their collectible nature and unique composition, they typically have a value far exceeding their face value.
  • Security Features: To ensure authenticity and prevent counterfeiting, Austrian Niobium Coins incorporate various security features, such as edge lettering and laser-engraved microprints.

The Austrian Niobium Coin series has gained popularity among coin collectors and investors due to its innovative use of niobium and the beautiful designs that accompany each issue. These coins represent a fascinating intersection of art, science, and numismatics, making them highly prized additions to coin collections worldwide.

About the Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint, also known as Münze Österreich AG, is one of the oldest mints in the world and is located in Vienna, Austria. It has a rich history dating back more than eight centuries.

The Austrian Mint is a public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft) wholly owned by the Austrian government. Despite its modern status, it has retained its historical name and heritage.

The primary function of the Austrian Mint is to produce official currency for Austria, including coins and commemorative medals. It is also responsible for minting Euro coins for countries like Finland, Greece, and Ireland.

In addition to standard currency coins, the Austrian Mint produces a wide range of collectible coins, including limited editions and creative designs celebrating historical events, famous personalities, and cultural milestones.

The Austrian Mint is known for its innovative techniques in coin production, such as incorporating colorized elements, unique finishes, and state-of-the-art security features to prevent counterfeiting.

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