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APMEX-Branded Platinum Bars and Rounds

Be the first to own the newest in APMEX-Branded products with these new Platinum bars and rounds. Newly manufactured for APMEX, these Platinum bar and rounds contains 1 oz of .9995 fine Platinum and comes in sealed tamper-evident packaging, which ensures high quality Platinum bullion and guarantees that your bar comes in an unaltered, pristine condition.

APMEX Platinum Bar

APMEX individually seals each 1 oz APMEX Platinum Bar to ensure that the authenticity and condition of each bar is protected after they are removed directly from the boxes. Each bar is placed in a protective authentication card composed of a non-reactive plastic polymer to protect your bar's finish.

Tamper-Evident Packaged Platinum

The sealing process seals the bar within the authentication card, creating a tamper-evident package that will guarantee your investment indefinitely. If the tamper-evident package has been opened in any way, you will know it. After the process is completed, the bar in the tamper-evident package is removed from the machine and checked to ensure that the quality of the packaging meets our exacting standards.
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