Platinum Bullion Prices

The Platinum spot price fluctuates often. It moves separately from the stock market and other money markets. Several factors can affect the Platinum price such as elections, geopolitical volatility, shifts within the stock market and even the threat of a possible recession, just to name a few. All of these factors affect the price of Precious Metals, which is extremely important when buying Platinum.

Platinum Bullion Coins

Some Platinum coins stay in families for generations. Platinum coins often serve as collectible investments because of their design, scarcity and demand. With each passing year, new coins are minted in different variations which may never be produced again. APMEX only sells Platinum minted by the most trusted mints in the world. These mints include the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, The Perth Mint and many more.

Platinum Bullion Bars

Platinum bars generally match sovereign coins in content and purity, but cost less over spot price than Platinum coins because they are usually minted privately. APMEX sells Platinum produced by Credit Suisse, Valcambi, Johnson Matthey and other respected companies. Each Platinum bar is stamped with its exact Platinum weight, fineness and a serial number for added security.

Platinum Bullion Rounds

Investors who are solely interested in the stable purchasing power of Platinum investments can find security in Platinum rounds. Platinum bullion rounds are circular discs often manufactured by private mints, though sometimes produced by government mints. They have no “face value” and are not recognized as legal tender.
What are the Top 10 Platinum Coins for Investment?

What are the Top 10 Platinum Coins for Investment?

Why Platinum is Today's Rich Man's Gold

Why Platinum is Today's Rich Man's Gold

Why Buy Platinum?

Why Buy Platinum?

Learn More About Precious Metals

Buying Precious Metals doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether you are making a long-term investment or simply admire the beauty of Precious Metals, APMEX provides the tools to help you make the best choice for your portfolio.

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