AutoInvest Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I never received an order confirmation email.

A: Please check your spam folder. In some instances, our emails will erroneously end up there. Please unmark them as spam to receive future emails regarding your account. If your order was declined or could not be processed, you should receive an email with the details.

Q: When do I get billed?

A: You will be billed at the time your order is executed, according to the schedule you have selected. Credit card charges will be processed immediately, and ACH/eCheck payments will be processed same business day. Please note that eCheck payments are held for four business days to verify funds before product ships.

Q: Can I choose a dollar denomination to AutoInvest?

A: Currently, no. Your AutoInvest transaction must be based on specific products, which will be priced according to market pricing at the time the order is executed.

Q: Can I change my recurring order date?

A: You can change your recurring order and billing date and schedule. This can be done in your “My Account” then under AutoInvest. Under the AutoInvest section, you can edit the products or schedule for any of your AutoInvest orders.

Q: Can I be billed annually, quarterly, or on a specific date?

A: Since you are billed at time of order execution, you may change your billing schedule by modifying the scheduling of your orders. In the AutoInvest page of “My Account” This will show you the expected next order date for each of your established orders, and these dates can be modified using the “Edit Order” button.

Q: How do I cancel my AutoInvest transaction?

A: There is absolutely no contractual obligation or cancellation fee associated with the AutoInvest program. You can cancel by logging into your “My Account” then under AutoInvest or by contacting a customer support representative.

Q: I want to skip a month but not cancel completely.

A: You may pause an order by going to the AutoInvest page of your account, selecting “Edit Order” and then clicking “Pause” at the top. This will pause that scheduled order until you return to this page and select “Resume.”

Q: Updating my shipping and billing information.

A: Shipping and billing information can be modified by selecting “Edit Order” on the AutoInvest page. This will allow you to change shipping and payment options for each order you have set up.

Q: Can I have my order sent directly to my IRA or 401k account?

A: Please contact our IRA department at 800.375.9006x805 for inquiries related to IRA transactions.

Q: What happens when spot prices change and the product price is lower or higher than when I signed up?

A: Your order will be executed at current APMEX ask price based on the schedule you have set. This gives you the benefit of cost-averaging your investments, which helps to protect you from short-term volatility in the market while building your portfolio for the long term. Should you wish to adjust your order schedule or item quantities based on current market conditions, you can always do so by selecting “Edit Order” on the AutoInvest page.

Q: I want to talk to a support representative.

A: Please contact or call 800.375.9006 for any additional questions you may have.

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