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Silver Bars Available from APMEX

Investors frequently choose buying Silver bars when purchasing Silver bullion. Silver bars are often selected over Silver bullion coins because of the full availability of styles, like cast-poured or hand-poured bars, in addition to affordability and different weights. Silver bars often have a lower premium over spot than Silver coins. Silver bars also come in a myriad of different weights, including:

Fractional Silver Bars
1 oz Silver Bars
2 oz Silver Bars
4 oz Silver Bars
5 oz Silver Bars
1/4 kilo Silver Bars (8.0385 oz)
10 oz Silver Bars
1/2 kilo Silver Bars (16.075 oz)
25 oz Silver Bars
1 kilo Silver Bars
50 oz Silver Bars
100 oz Silver Bars
5 kilo Silver Bars (160.75 oz)

If you have been searching for Silver bars, APMEX has a wide selection of bars available to purchase both online and over the phone. We carry Silver bars from popular mints and in many attractive weights. Each bar of Silver is unique and its quality is guaranteed.

Silver Bars for Sale

The most common Silver bars for sale are 1 oz Silver bars from popular mints, such as Credit Suisse, Geiger, PAMP Suisse and Silvertowne. Their uniform size allows them to be easily stacked and stored. You may wonder, “Where can I buy Silver bars?” At APMEX, we stock the largest selection of popular Silver bars from popular mints and manufacturers around the world.

You can also find more affordable silver bar options if you consider purchasing secondary market products. Our 100 ounce secondary market silver bars are some of our most popular as they present a great value.

What to Expect from Silver Bullion Bars

Silver bars come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be pressed or poured. You can buy Silver bars online with a range in fineness, typically .999 or .9999 fine. We guarantee the quality of all our bars, including our secondary market options. Silver bar prices vary depending on the size of the bar purchased. The price of a bar of silver also depends on the price of Silver at the time of purchase.

Silver Bar Designs

We carry an array of Silver bars with popular designs, including the famed Lady Fortuna from PAMP Suisse. APMEX Silver bars also feature the iconic American eagle design, featuring 13 small stars representing the original colonies. Silver bars from Geiger Edelmetalle feature the historic pressed design of the German castle, Schloss Güldengossa. Others include classic designs featuring the brand logo and Silver weight, such as the APMEX brand 5 oz silver bars.

Silver Bar Mints

Silver bars typically come from private mints. APMEX maintains a close relationship with silver manufacturers around the world. Most mints make a variety of sizes for silver bars, ranging from fractional silver bars to large format silver bars. We carry silver bars for sale from these popular silver manufacturers:

9Fine Mint Silver Bars
Argor-Heraeus Silver Bars
Asahi Refining Silver Bars
Credit Suisse Silver Bars
Engelhard Silver Bars
Geiger Silver Bars
Johnson Matthey Silver Bars
PAMP Suisse Silver
The Perth Mint Silver Bars
Pioneer Metals Silver Bars
Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars
Scottsdale Mint Silver Bars
Sunshine Mint Silver Bars
U.S. Assay Office Silver (Bars & Rounds)
Valcambi Silver Bars

After you find the perfect silver bar for your collection, discover ways to store silver bars and keep them safe.

Buy Silver Online from APMEX

If you need assistance in figuring out where to buy fine silver bars, or if you should have any issue buying silver bars on, we are eager to assist you.

Our team of highly trained customer service associates can answer any questions on how to buy Silver, and can be reached by email or telephone, please call (800) 375-9006 or email You can also sell Silver to APMEX by calling our Purchasing team at (800) 514-6318 to speak to one of our representatives or learn more about how to sell Silver to APMEX.

APMEX Customer Reviews

For 20 years, APMEX has provided customers with an easy shopping experience they can trust. We pride ourselves on transparency and consider every customer review to be valuable feedback. Please take a moment to read our reviews from valued customers on Silver bars and more. We welcome and encourage feedback – each review allows us to improve your Precious Metals buying experience.

210,000+ Customer Reviews
4.9 Overall Satisfaction Rating, the Highest Score in the Industry
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Buying Precious Metals doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether you are making a long-term investment or simply admire the beauty of Precious Metals, APMEX provides the tools to help you make the best choice for your portfolio.

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