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Silver Bars By Weight

Silver Bars By Weight

Deciding which 1 oz Silver bars or 10 oz Silver bars can depend on whether you want pressed or hand-poured bullion bars.

When purchasing Silver bars such as 1 oz Silver bars, the question may arise about what the difference is between hand-poured and pressed Silver bullion bars. Whether you buy hand-poured 10 oz Silver bars or pressed 5 oz Silver bars, both kinds of Silver bars can be used for collecting or investing. View each type of Silver bar and it is easy to see the visible differences between the two types of Silver bullion bars. Hand-poured Silver bullion bars have a more matte-looking finish, while pressed bars offer the shiny, mirrorlike look of Silver Proof coins.

History of Silver Bars

History buffs may prefer hand-poured 1 oz Silver bars because recorded history reveals this is the process used to produce the Silver ingots used for trade for thousands of years ago. Though you will find hand-poured 10 oz Silver bars and smaller weights, hand pouring is typically saved for producing larger format Silver bars weighing over 100 oz. To produce Silver bars with this method, all you need is a hot fire, good tools and a mold capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Since Silver bullion bars produced this way require an actual person to pour the molten Silver into the molds, hand pouring is not considered an efficient method for manufacturing smaller weights of Silver bars.

Silver Bar Weights

Producing 1 oz Silver bars and other weights using the pressing or stamping method is a much more efficient way to produce Silver bars weighing less than 100 oz. For example, to make 10 oz Silver bars, mints start by melting Silver into billets and then extruding this into long, flat strips of annealed Silver. At this point, the Silver is trimmed and flattened to the precise thickness required and then is made into blanks that are polished and stamped with the purity, weight and brand of the Silver bars. Many mints prefer creating Silver bullion bars in this way because it is cost effective and requires fewer resources.

Purchase Silver Bullion Bars

Browse the 1 oz Silver bars for examples of both kinds of bars. From 10 oz Silver bars to fractional sizes less than 1 oz, consider adding both hand-poured and pressed Silver bars to your collection. Silver bars are sure to provide you with excellent conversation starters, especially when you delve into the rich history of Silver bar production. You also will treasure Silver bullion bars for their beauty and for their value as an investment.
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