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Ammo Silver Bullets

Silver bullets exist. They are not just a part of folklore. However, silver is not an ideal metal for actual use as ammo. We create these bullets as an interesting way to hold silver. They also make excellent gifts for gun enthusiasts.

Silver bullion bullets are bullets made primarily from silver, rather than traditional materials like lead or copper. These bullets are sought after by collectors and investors who are interested in precious metal ownership and firearms. These bullets are modeled as replicas and are not intended to be fired.

About Our Silver Bullets

APMEX’s exclusive line of bullet bullion is made using .999 fine silver. Pieces are forged in the shape of ammo rounds, many from historically noteworthy ammunition shapes. Each silver bullet is modeled after a shotgun, rifle, or semi-automatic cartridge and crafted in many weights familiar to silver investors such as the popular one-ounce size. They change in value as the silver spot prices fluctuate.

Silver bullets make wonderful and potentially valuable gifts for firearm collectors. The 2, 5, and 10 ounce silver bullets are available in an attractive APMEX ammo box. However, if you give these silver bullets as gifts, remind the recipient that they are for novelty and a way to hold silver, not for actual use as ammo.

What Type of Ammo is Replicated?

We replicate four ammo types including,

  • 1 oz silver bullet: .45 Caliber Automatic Colt pistol
  • 2 oz silver bullet: .308 Caliber Winchester rifle
  • 5 oz silver bullet: 12 Gauge shotgun shell
  • 10 oz silver bullet: .50 Caliber Browning machine gun

The Ammo Variety Pack

We offer an ammo variety pack that includes all sizes that together include 18 ounces of silver. The variety pack includes a 1 oz silver bullet replicated from a .45 Caliber Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge, a 2 oz replicated from a .308 caliber Winchester rifle cartridge, a 5 oz replicated from a 12 Gauge shotgun shell, and a 10 oz replicated from a .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun cartridge.

The Silver Bullet in Folklore

The concept that silver affects mythical creatures goes back hundreds of years. According to folklore and fictional stories, silver bullets can effectively weaken werewolves, witches, vampires, or monsters. One mention is in the story The Two Brothers by the Brothers Grimm, in which silver buttons were used to shoot a witch since lead bullets did not affect her.

In modern times, the term “silver bullet” often refers to a solution that quickly and effectively solves a problem.

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