We believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest in Precious Metals. By allowing users to buy metal in any quantity and offering low-cost storage options without a minimum to store, we are making it easier for everyone to get involved in Precious Metals investing.

Only the Best in Digital Metals

OneGold is dedicated to bringing you the best of what is available in digital Precious Metals products. With expertise and experience of our partners, OneGold constantly monitors the evolution of digital Precious Metals, and brings only top-quality products to the platform

Vaultchain™ Gold and Silver

OneGold is proud to offer Vaultchain™ Gold and Vaultchain™ Silver as its flagship digital Precious Metals product. Developed by Tradewind Markets, a leader in digital asset innovation, Vaultchain™ metals products offer highly advanced features and are vaulted at the Royal Canadian Mint. Vaultchain™ products are available at competitive prices and can be seamlessly redeemed for physical at any time through OneGold.

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OneGold provides you with a new way of investing in one of the oldest asset classes in the world. Getting started is easy and you can buy, sell, withdraw or redeem on your schedule. Visit the site to see how easy Precious Metals investing can be.

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