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History of Banco de México Mint

The Banco de México the world knows today was created September 1, 1925, but it has its roots in an early mint founded in 1535 on a decree from the Spanish Crown. In 1823, Mexico won its freedom from Spain and continued to mint coins. While it maintained many of Spain’s monetary traditions like denominations, the new Mexican mint crafted its own designs to proclaim its sovereignty. Different leaders and different political movements had new designs created. Many of these coins have high numismatic value due to their rarity and historic significance.

By the Mexican Revolution in 1910, the public had come to distrust the monetary system. As the new government began to establish itself, they drafted a new constitution. In 1917, with article 28, the Mexican constitution ensured that only a “government-controlled bank” could be exclusively responsible for currency issuance.

Banco de México takes significant effort to maintain its status as a mint that is respected around the world. This allows them to fulfill their mission of preserving the value of Mexico’s currency and, in turn, improving the well-being of Mexico and its citizens. Meeting the goals of their vision allows them to remain a financial institution that is trustworthy and accountable. The products, new and old, have significant value and are desired by collectors and investors alike.

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