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The Royal Mint Silver

Since 886, the Royal Mint has been manufacturing coins for the United Kingdom. In addition to circulating coinage for the UK, the Royal Mint also mints coins for other countries and commemorative items.

Popular Types of British Silver Coins

Britannia Coins

The Britannia coin is a British bullion coin issued by The Royal Mint in gold since 1987 and in silver since 1997. Britannia silver coins contain one troy ounce of silver with a face value of £2.

The coin features the figure of Britannia, a symbolic representation of Britain, on the reverse. She is often depicted with a trident and shield, representing Britain's naval power and defense capabilities. The design of Britannia has changed over the years, but these symbols often remain.

On the obverse, the Britannia coins feature a portrait of the reigning monarch. For many years, the obverse featured Queen Elizabeth II. Now the Britannia features King Charles III.

The Royal Mint also occasionally issues proof versions and special editions of the Britannia for collectors.

Tudor Beast Coins

The Royal Tudor Beasts coin series celebrates England's Royal Tudors, including a bullion coin release. This series focuses on the beasts prominent during Henry VIII's reign. The beasts include The Seymour Panther, The Lion of England, The Bull of Clarence, The Tudor Dragon, The Greyhound of Richmond, The Royal Dragon, The Yale of Beaufort, The Seymour Unicorn, The Queen's Panther, and The Queen's Lion.

The coin's designs were created by famed illustrator David Lawrence and feature the ten beasts surrounding the Moat Bridge of Hampton Court Palace that have stood there for hundreds of years.

The coins consist of .999 or .9999 fine silver and are often released in limited mintages. For example, the 2023 Bull of Clarence two pound is limited to 5,000.

Queen’s Beasts Coins

The Queen's Beasts are ten heraldic statues representing the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II. Each beast symbolizes various aspects of the Queen's ancestry. The original statues, which stood about six feet tall, were created for the Queen's coronation in 1953 and are now located at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec. The original models that inspired the Queen’s Beasts are the Tudor Beasts located at the Hampton Court Palace in London.

Each coin in the series features a detailed depiction of one of the beasts on the reverse, and the obverse of each coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen's Beasts coins are minted in a variety of weights and sizes, from one ounce to one kilogram, and they are popular among both collectors and investors in precious metals.

The Queen's Beasts coins series includes the following:

  • The Lion of England
  • The Griffin of Edward III
  • The Red Dragon of Wales
  • The Unicorn of Scotland
  • The Black Bull of Clarence
  • The Falcon of the Plantagenets
  • The Yale of Beaufort
  • The White Lion of Mortimer
  • The White Horse of Hanover
  • The White Greyhound of Richmond

Do Royal Mint Items Hold Their Value?

Like any precious metal, the value fluctuates based on many factors including silver spot prices, rarity, condition, demand, and more. Sovereign coins are backed the British government.

However, many investors would prefer to purchase silver at a lower spot price, which is difficult to achieve as government mints tend to have high premiums. To compare more standardized silver options across different mints, consider options such as APMEX's selection of 5 oz silver bars.

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