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U.S. Dimes (1796 - Date)
Beginning with the Draped Bust design of 1796, there have been numerous varieties of United States dime designs. Following the Draped Bust were: the Capped Bust, Liberty Seated, Barber, Mercury and Roosevelt designs. Each design has its own unique beauty and numerous varieties.

Collectors that are interested in dimes may also want to consider nickels. Coins such as the 1964 (Denver) Jefferson Nickel are quite affordable as the sheer quantity of coins produced keeps prices low. For many of the dates, you can expect to only have to pay slightly more than the coin's face value.
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What is a Mercury Dime?

What is a Mercury Dime?

The History of Large Size U.S. Currency

The History of Large Size U.S. Currency

Why Should I Collect Currency?

Why Should I Collect Currency?

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