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Special Occasion Silver

Special occasion silver coins are commemorative silver coins that are issued to mark significant events or anniversaries. These coins are produced by government mints or private organizations and are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Commemorative special occasion silver coins and bars feature a variety of designs and themes, depending on the occasion they are meant to celebrate. Our special occasion silver is a great commemorative gift, and many come with gift bags, display boxes, or special occasion themed packaging.

Types of Special Occasion Silver

Our special occasion silver coins are typically made of high-quality silver, such as .999 fine silver and hold their silver value in line with fluctuating silver spot prices. They may be issued in limited quantities, adding to their desirability among collectors.

Holiday Coins

Holiday coins are typically issued during specific holiday seasons or occasions. These coins commemorate and celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and other festive events. They feature unique artwork, symbols, or motifs associated with the holiday they represent.

Professional-Themed Coins

Our professional-themed coins celebrate first responders such as police, firefighters, nurses, and doctors. Our rounds are colorized and make great thank-you gifts for first responders that have impacted your life.

Religious Themed

Religious-themed silver items feature designs and motifs related to religious traditions and beliefs. These coins honor and commemorate religious figures, events, or symbols. Our coins are colored, and many feature popular prayers.

Special Occasion

Special occasion coins are commemorative coins designed to celebrate significant life events or milestones such as graduations, births, anniversaries, or other memorable occasions. Special occasion coins are from various materials, including precious metals like silver, and they often come in presentation packaging that increases their gift value.

Armed Forces

Armed forces-themed coins are commemorative coins that honor and pay tribute to the military, its branches, and the people who serve in the armed forces. These coins often feature designs and symbols representing the strength, bravery, and patriotism associated with military service.

American Eagles

Our special occasion American Eagle coins offerings are American Eagle coins in holiday-themed packaging. We offer 50 options suitable for holidays or events such as birthdays, births, patriotic holidays, graduation, Father's Day, and more. Silver Eagles contain one ounce of .999 fine silver.

High Demand Army Rounds

Our most popular special occasion rounds are those celebrating the US Army. These rounds are APMEXclusive® rounds approved by the United States Army. The top four one-ounce silver rounds are,

  1. U.S. Army Seal
  1. U.S. Army Logo
  1. U.S. Army Vintage
  1. U.S. Army Seal in Licensed Packaging
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