$2.50 Indian Quarter Eagle Coins (1908-1929)

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$2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagles

These smaller denomination coins circulated widely throughout the United States. Minted for a brief 13 years, the $2.50 Indian is one of the shortest-lived series in U.S. numismatics, making it an appealing investment and collector’s item. Combining their age, historical value and limited production make these coins a desirable addition to any investment portfolio or numismatic collection.

Designed by Bela Lyon Pratt, a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the $2.50 Indian features legends and motifs that are incused rather than raised on the coin, making them one of only two U.S. coins minted in this manner. The obverse features a stoic Indian chief profile, surrounded by 13 small stars and the word "Liberty" along with the date. The reverse shows a regal bald eagle with a cluster of arrows and an olive branch, symbolic of war and peace, beneath the eagle’s talons.

With their sunken-relief design, these coins are a sure way to add instant value to any collection or investment portfolio. These coins were commonly used as currency before President Franklin Roosevelt required Americans to turn in their Gold coins to be melted into bars to help combat the Great Depression. The recall of Gold makes these coins a rare find.

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