Australian Silver Lunar Snake Coins

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Australian Silver Lunar Snake Coins

The Australian Silver Lunar Snake Coins are part of the Australian Lunar Silver Coin Series produced by the Perth Mint. These coins are based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which is made up of 12 animals, with the snake being the sixth. Each year's coin release corresponds with that year's Chinese zodiac animal.

Each Australian Lunar Series coin includes a unique design featuring the zodiac animal of that year. For the Year of the Snake, the coin typically displays a beautifully crafted image of a snake. The design varies depending on the year. For example, the 2001 coin (Lunar Series I) and the 2013 coin (Lunar Series II) have different snake designs.

The coins are made from 99.9% pure silver, also known as .999 fine silver. They come in several denominations and sizes, typically ranging from 1/2 ounce to 2 ounce.

The coins are minted by the Perth Mint, which is internationally recognized for its high-quality minting and design standards. The Perth Mint often limits the mintage of these coins, which can increase their scarcity and potential value over time.

The coins are legal tender in Australia and have a nominal face value of fifty cents to two dollars, but their actual silver market value usually far exceeds this because of the silver content and the collectability factor.

Most Popular Silver Lunar Snake Coin: 2013 1 oz Silver Year of the Snake BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) (Series II)

Our most popularly sold coin is the 2013 1-ounce BU version. It has a limited mintage of 300,000 and is made of .999 fine silver. It features a snake wrapped around a tree branch and, on the reverse, Ian Rank-Broadley’s likeness of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Featured Product: 3-Coin Silver Year of the Snake Proof Set

The set includes the 2 oz, 1 oz, and 1/2 oz snake coins with a face value of $2.00, $1.00, and $0.50, respectively. The coins come in an oval-shaped display case and a certificate of authenticity. This collector's item has a limited mintage of 1,000 sets.

About the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a globally recognized mint in Perth, Western Australia. Established on 20th June 1899, it was initially built to refine gold from the gold rushes and to mint gold sovereigns and half sovereigns for the British Empire. Today, it is owned by the Government of Western Australia and operates under the Gold Corporation Act 1987.

The Perth Mint may be best known for its Australian Lunar Series of gold and silver coins. These coins, released annually, feature designs based on the 12-year cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar. Each year's design corresponds to the zodiac animal for that year.

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