Bullion Club

Join the Industry’s Best Rewards Program

We value your loyalty and want to thank you for entrusting us with your investments. Members enjoy perks that grow progressively better as they move through the tiers. Membership is always free, automatic, and tied to your account, so you never need to do any paperwork to reap the benefits.

Get Rewarded for Shopping at APMEX
Bullion Club Select

Complete 2-5 orders or
Spend or sell a total of $5,000

Bullion Club Premier

Complete 6-9 orders or
Spend or sell a total of $10,000

Bullion Club Elite

Complete 10+ orders or
Spend or sell a total of $20,000

Bullion Club VIP

By invitation only

Top Bullion Club Benefits

The Bullion Club is designed to show our deep appreciation for our loyal customers, with each tier offering more valuable benefits than the last. Here are a few of the most popular benefits our existing members love, which you can take advantage of.

Bullion Club Timely Notifications

Early Access

Be first in line for limited offers or popular new releases with early access. Includes promotions with limited quantities.

Bullion Club Flash Sales

Flash Sales

Get access to exclusive flash sales only available to Bullion Club Members, which offer some of the best deals on many of our most popular products.

Bullion Club Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Offers

Get access to special discounts or pre-orders that are only available to members of the Bullion Club. Offers become more valuable at higher tiers.

Bullion Club Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate your loyalty with special offers on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th anniversaries from your second purchase.

Unbeatable Rewards At Each Tier

Timely Notice of Retail Promotions and Access to Market and Product Alerts
No Monthly Limit on Credit Card Orders1
Access to a Dedicated Specialty Account Manager for Phone Orders
Early Access to Flash Sale Offers
Priority on Order Fulfillment  
Anniversary Gift2  
Occasional Best-Tier Pricing Offers  
Same-Day Shipping3 on QuickShip® Eligible orders when payment is received by 4 p.m.4    
Exclusive Offers & Promotions    
Exclusive Price Match Guarantee for Sales Transactions on Phone Orders    
Early Access to Major New Product Releases      
Exclusive Limited-Time Flash Sales      
Special Volume Pricing for Sales Transactions on Phone Orders      
Free Expedited Shipping on Orders Over $10,0005      
Discounted shipping via APMEX Logistics program when you sell more than $30,000      

1 Pending approval process for the account.

2 Anniversary gifts vary by club status and are limited to availability. Anniversary gifts are only provided on every 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th anniversaries. Cannot be shared or combined with other offers.

3 Applies to domestic U.S. orders only.

4 Payments must be received by 4 p.m. (EST). Does not apply to: International shipments, orders with Pre-sale items, orders that include Pre-1933 Gold Coins or Jewelry, or orders shipped to our Citadel subsidiary. Excludes holidays and weekends.

5 The Free Expedited shipping excludes orders paid via check/eCheck due to the hold period, may not be applicable by region, and would exclude orders shipping to PO boxes.

Ready to Join the Bullion Club?

Membership starts once your second order has been shipped and you can begin your journey as a member of the Bullion Club right away. Earn new benefits as you expand your portfolio.

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Benefits Our Members Love

We believe in recognizing loyalty. Learn more about some of our most popular Bullion Club benefits and see the perks you could enjoy today.

Timely Notice of Promotions and Alerts

Smart Notifications

As a Bullion Club member, you can receive alerts on many limited releases and promotions. You can also create customized alerts to stay informed on the Precious Metals market and to be the first to know when items you want are available.

Exclusive Early Access to Flash Sale Offers

Exclusive Early Access
to Flash Sale Offers

Flash sales, like the name suggests, are here and gone quickly, but Bullion Club members are often given early access to these sales. This includes flash sales with limited supplies or mintages that may run out early.

Members-Only Offers and Promotions

Members-Only Offers
and Promotions

Bullion Club offers may include limited mintage releases, steep discounts, or chances to pre-order popular products first. This is our way of rewarding our best customers with our best deals.

Special Deals on Your APMEX Anniversary

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are something to celebrate, so once you reach Premier status, you will receive a special offer or gift on the anniversary of your second purchase. These gifts differ depending on your club status and may also change from year to year.

APMEX Reviews

“As a VIP, I really enjoy getting early access to new releases and discounted pricing. My sales rep and I have formed a great relationship and I really do feel like I am valued as a customer.” – Stephen Brunswick

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The Bullion Club FAQs

  • Is there a cost to join the Bullion Club?

    Membership in the Bullion Club begins immediately after your second purchase with APMEX. There are no additional fees.

  • What are the Bullion Club benefits?

    Benefits depend on the membership level you have achieved.

  • How is my membership level determined?

    Your membership is determined by any of the following: The number of orders you make with APMEX, your total dollars spent with APMEX, the number of orders you sell to APMEX or the amount (in dollars) you sell to APMEX.

  • When will my order count towards my Bullion Club membership?

    Your order must be completed and shipped before it can be included in your Bullion Club qualifications. Orders that are pending payment or have not fully shipped will not be included since they are not considered complete. Completed orders may take up to a full week to be reconciled and added to your qualifications.

  • Where can I confirm my membership level?

    You can view your current membership level on your Account page. You can also see what you need to complete in order to move to the next level.

  • What are the requirements to be a Bullion Club member?

    Bullion Club membership requires a customer to purchase from APMEX at least twice or spend or sell a total of $5,000.00.

  • Are there limits on credit card orders?

    There is no monthly limit on credit card orders pending an account review.

  • How do I keep my benefits?

    Once you become a Bullion Club member, you will maintain your benefits for life. Additional orders or spend may entitle you to even more benefits.

  • How can I upgrade to Premier or Elite status?

    Your purchase activity makes you eligible for an upgrade to Premier or Elite status at any time as long as that activity meets the requirements for that membership level. For instance, if you are a Select member and your next purchase takes you above $10,000 in spend or over 6 total orders, you will be eligible for an upgrade to Premier membership. If your next order takes you above $20,000 in spend or over 10 orders, you will be eligible for an upgrade to an Elite membership.

  • I just became an Elite member, but I don't plan to purchase for a few months. Will I keep my benefits?

    Yes. Once you achieve an Elite level, you will maintain your status for the remainder of your time shopping with APMEX. The same goes for all levels of the Bullion Club.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about the Bullion Club?

    You can contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 375-9006 Monday through Friday.

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