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Collect U.S. Silver Quarters
Silver quarters have high collectible value. Several of these quarters have gone through design changes to provide collectors a sense of where that quarter stood in history. There is a mix of rare quarters to new quarters, but each one of them tells a unique story. While some come in limited mintage, others were the product of a generational change. Collectors will have a large selection of U.S. Silver quarters from which to choose that have great numismatic value.

Silver Quarters throughout History Provide Great Collection Value
Quarters have been a part of American coinage since 1796 and 90% silver quarters were made until 1964. The quarter has seen an evolution in design and purpose, but each of them have a value that is rarely found with U.S. coins. Quarters are popular collection items with several options from various times in our history.

Early Quarters (1796-1838)
One of the first quarters minted, these quarters were limited production quarters. They experienced important historical points including state expansion and the Louisiana Purchase. Early quarters are rare quarters not only because of the limited mintage, but they were designed and minted to replace the Spanish Two Reales coins. The early quarters helped usher in a coin that was solely for the use as American currency, slowly making the use of foreign currency obsolete when the colonies were established. Available in certified quarters as well, collectors have a number of options with great historical significance.

Liberty Seated Quarters (1838-1891)
The Liberty Seated design was added to the collection of early quarters. Widely circulated upon its creation, the Liberty quarter was one of the most popular in its time because the design was seen as patriotic and gave a new sense of morale to the country. It was designed by famed designer Christian Gobrecht. These U.S. Silver quarters are popular with investors and collectors because of its rarity and design; the Liberty Seated design only saw seven modifications in its run in circulation.

Barber Quarters (1892-1916)
These quarters hold a unique place in history. A national contest was held in 1891 to design a 25 cent piece, voted upon by the public. No design was deemed worthy, but the Barber quarter was the quarter that emerged when the dust settled. These U.S. Mint quarters were part of American coinage in the latter part of the 19th century. Barber quarters look great in any numismatic collection.

Standing Liberty Quarters (1916-1930)
Standing Liberty quarters are significant because it featured a design that was seen as patriotic and metaphorical because it was designed in the early stages of World War I. The Silver quarter features Liberty holding a shield in defensive posture on the obverse and an eagle soaring high on the reverse. Mintage was low for this U.S. Mint quarter making it valuable and popular. The Standing Liberty is an important piece to American coinage.

Washington Quarters (1932-1998)
Washington quarters are the quarters we are most familiar with. It was originally designed as commemorative quarters to honor the first president, but then became the most widely circulated and minted quarter to date. These quarters are highly collectible because they are so common to today's coinage. Designed by John Flanagan, former student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Washington quarters are valued and collected all over the world.

50 States Quarters (1999-2009)
Widely considered one of the most popular numismatic programs in American history, the United States Mint released commemorative quarters in honor of all 50 states. The 50 State Quarter program was designed to inspire a new generation of coin collectors. All 50 states are honored with a design that is unique to their state. Many Americans collect the set of all 50 states. Silver state quarters are a must-have quarter for any collection.

America the Beautiful Quarters (2010-Date) - National Park Quarters
These National Parks quarters encapsulate the tremendous views and scenes of various parks throughout the country. They are beautifully and wonderfully designed, giving collectors a glimpse into what makes the national parks so admired and revered by millions across the country.

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