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Other Gold Products

APMEX offers a variety of different Gold items.

Unique Gold Coins

These unique Gold coins have distinctive, eye-catching designs and features. These unique coins feature one-of-a-kind design elements like concave shapes, egg-shaped, embedded jewels, privy security marks and other unique designs. These stunning Gold pieces make an excellent addition to collections for long-time collectors and beginners as well.

Gold Foil Notes

These Gold foil notes contain actual Gold pressed into the shape of banknotes. These Gold notes are an innovative way to own Gold, which is convenient, affordable and versatile. Each design is unique and tends to have a limited mintage.

Gold Error Coins

As mints around the world produce millions of coins each year, there are some that don't come out perfectly. Whether the blank planchets were placed incorrectly or the machine faulted, sometimes coins come out with imperfections. Unintended varieties on coins are called error coins, or damaged coins, and are often a big draw with collectors.

Damaged Gold Items

Since we buy from various sources, including individuals, not all products we receive are in ideal condition. However, when we do receive Gold items that are off-quality, we are able to offer them to you at a lower premium than usual.

Buy Gold Products Online from APMEX

If you need assistance in figuring out where to buy Gold, or if you should have any issue buying Gold on, we are eager to assist you. Our team of highly trained customer service associates can answer any questions on how to buy Gold and which Gold product may be right for you. They can be reached by email or telephone, please call (800) 375-9006 or email You can also sell Gold to APMEX by calling our Purchasing team at (800) 514-6318 to speak to one of our representatives or learn more about how to sell Gold to APMEX.

APMEX Customer Reviews

For 20 years, APMEX has provided customers with an easy shopping experience they can trust. We pride ourselves on transparency and consider every customer review to be valuable feedback. Please take a moment to
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What is Fine Gold?

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Is Today’s Gold Price Worth It?

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Why Buy Physical Gold and Silver?

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Buying Precious Metals doesn’t have to be intimidating. Whether you are making a long-term investment or simply admire the beauty of Precious Metals, APMEX provides the tools to help you make the best choice for your portfolio.

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